Top Six Cars in Costume

Cars can play dress-up too; we pick our six faves from the screen.

By Matthew Askari | October 30, 2012
  • The New Wagon Queen Family Truckster

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    National Lampoon's Vacation was the first in the series of Chevy Chase comedy films starting in the 1980s, and may be most remembered for making household names of Christie Brinkley and Beverly D'Angelo, and launching the career of Anthony Michael Hall. But indispensible from the Griswold's road trip to Walley World is the garish, supremely clever abomination of a station wagon: "the new Wagon Queen Family Truckster." Originally based on the Ford LTD Country Squire -- a more ridiculous name because it wasn't a parody -- the car was worked over to be as tawdry and outlandish as possible. Featuring an abundance of faux-wood paneling, double-stacked headlights -- eight in total -- a crown and gills on the rear side pillars, the revolting wagon was finished in "metallic pea" paint. For a family as absurd as the Griswolds, it really worked, and the Wagon Queen Family Truckster is easily one of our favorite cars in costume.

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