Top Six Cars in Costume

Cars can play dress-up too; we pick our six faves from the screen.

By Matthew Askari | October 30, 2012
  • Batman Kia Optima Front Three Quarter

    The Batmobile from the Batman TV show

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    The Tumbler, driven by the caped crusader in Batman Begins and the Dark Night films, is undeniably cool -- there were even drivable street versions produced. But it's not even the coolest Batmobile. As you'll see in our list, it's not even in the top two. The 1960s was in many ways the personification of those awkward middle school years, stretched out over a decade. In a period of growth, tumult, confusion and separation from the 1950s, the '60s was a weird time. And sandwiched somewhere in between the early bubble-gum Beetles and flower-power was the Batman TV series. The show was a bizarre example of post-modern pop-art kitsch on screen; gaudy costumes and Boom! Sock! Pow! graphics made the show a spectacle if nothing else. And front and center of it all, based on a 1954 Lincoln Futura, was the wackiest Batmobile to date. Developed by custom builder George Barris, the owner of this vehicle couldn't be in doubt; there were bats at the center of the rims, the orange silhouette of a bat on each coupe door -- Batman and Robin's respectively -- and a blood-orange trim outlining the body of the vehicle. It only takes a glance to realize that the Futura's Bat-decor could be from no other era.

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