Buyer's Guide


One of Italy's most famous brands, Ferrari is what many consider the pinnacle of automotive performance. The automaker's has a rich motorsport history and, recently, the brand's lineup has expanded to include offerings that are not only driver-focused, but also useable every day.

Least Expensive: Although many considered the least expensive Ferrari California a poseur Ferrari, the upgraded California T boasts a revised handling package and a brilliant twin-turbocharged V-8 along with its MSRP of just over $200,000.

Sportiest: Based on the hardtop LaFerrari hypercar, the hybrid V-12 and carbon fiber monocoque LaFerrari Aperta and its 900 plus horsepower makes it the automaker's most hardcore offering.

Popular: As the successor to the 458 Italia, the 488 GTB has big shoes to fill, yet it and the California T help fund development of cars including the LaFerrari Aperta and F12tdf.

Most Expensive: The LaFerrari Aperta starts at just under $2 million; it remains the most expensive Ferrari currently offered. However, with used LaFerrari coupes more than doubling in price, that could almost be called a deal.

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