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Ferrari is perhaps the world's best-known supercar manufacturer. This Italian automaker has earned fanfare through extreme performance and motorsports dominance. In recent years, Ferrari has adopted turbocharging and electricity to make its sports cars even more exciting.

Least Expensive: No Ferrari can be called entry-level, but the Portofino is the least expensive Ferrari on sale. This elegant roadster starts at about $210,000 before options—and, like any Ferrari, options are plentiful.

Most Expensive: Ferrari's performance acumen is showcased in the SF90. Its electrified twin-turbo V-8 cranks out nearly 1,000 hp. The SF90 costs well over $1 million, but you can't simply buy one off a dealer's lot. You must be personally invited by Ferrari to add an SF90 to your stable of Prancing Horses.

Most Fun to Drive: Deciding which Ferrari is most fun to drive is like picking the best type of pizza—it's impossible. Nonetheless, the 812 Superfast left us awestruck. Emissions regulations put 12-cylinder engines' future in doubt, so we'll never forget the 812 "Stoopidfast's" V-12 song.

MotorTrend Top Pick: The 488 GTB triumphed in MotorTrend's 2017 Best Driver's Car competition, with its unbelievable engine and telepathic handling earning heaps of praise. Although the 488 GTB is no longer in production, its essence continues in the F8 Tributo.

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16 / Hwy 12 / City
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