Ferrari 456 GT

The Ferrari 456 GT symbolizes the return of the front-engine concept. To put things into perspective, the most recent Ferrari-produced, front-engine car is the GTB4, produced in 1968. An all-new, 65 degree V-12 engine powers the car, offering flexibility and power.

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Ferrari 456 GT Origins

The Ferrari 456 GT is a front-engine, four-seat grand tourer that the carmaker produced from 1992 to 2003. Pininfarina designed it to replace the Ferrari 412, which stopped production three years before, in 1989. The 456 GT is also the last model that uses pop-up headlamps.

About the Ferrari 456 GT

A Ferrari car is considered to be the epitome of advanced technology, and the Ferrari 456 GT is no exception. However, what makes this car so special when compared to other Ferraris is that it marks a significant change in the approach of the carmaker. Ferrari cars are often known for their flamboyance and luxury, and this dominated the company's car concept well into the 1980s. The Ferrari 456 GT replaces extravagance with balance and refinement, thus marking a new approach for Ferrari. In other words, the Ferrari 456 GT introduces a new style that changes the way cars are made.

Some of the most iconic Ferraris are front-engine design Berlinettas, with the last being the Daytona from the early 1970s. After a long gap, the Ferrari 456 GT continued Ferrari's tradition beautifully.

Ferrari 456 GT Features

Ferrari produced the 456 GT until 2003. The car is designed on an aluminum coachwork that chemically joins to the steel tube chassis, and it uses a 5474cc V-12 engine that delivers 442 horsepower. The American version can deliver 436 horsepower. The car reaches a top speed of 185 mph, and it accelerates from zero to 62 mph in 5.2 seconds. The engine is the first completely new entry to the Ferrari stable since the introduction of the Boxer unit 20 years earlier. The engine has an angle of 65 degrees, which differs from the traditional 60 degrees of the previous V-12 engines and 120 degrees of the Boxer engines.

In terms of design, the Ferrari 456 GT is a modern variant of Ferrari's 365 GTB Daytona, with its trademark long hood and retractable headlights. Pininfarina designed the car to be highly aerodynamic and modern, but it also retains some retro elements that reflect Ferrari's rich history. An almost unnoticeable aerodynamic element is the spoiler that can be automatically activated from below in the rear valance. The angle of the spoiler also changes automatically, according to the speed of the car, to improve downforce.

The body of the car mounts on a chassis with a wheelbase of 2600 mm, the rear track measuring 1606 mm and the front track measuring 1585 mm. The buyer can choose whether to buy a left-hand or right-hand drive model with standard power steering. While a major portion of the body is aluminum, the frame itself is made of steel, with a special binding material known as Feran. This material is chemically treated to weld the steel frame to the aluminum chassis. The front and rear valances, however, are made from composite moulds.

The interior of the Ferrari 456 GT also lives up to the carmaker's standards. It includes leather-clad seats, along with electronically adjustable front seats that move forward to allow access to the rear. The rear seats offer adequate legroom as well as enough headroom for most people.

Ferrari 456 GT Evolution

The Ferrari 456 GT remained largely unchanged throughout production, until 2003. However, it underwent minor changes in 1996. Let's begin by looking at the first version of the Ferrari 456 GT.

The 1992 Ferrari 456 GT made its first appearance in Paris at the Garage Francorchamps anniversary celebration. It is designed as a world market model, with the most important one being the USA market model. The Ferrari 456 GT differs from preceding 2+2 cars in that it only comes with a manual transmission. The transmission is mounted in a differential and final drive assembly unit, which forms the transaxle.

The 1996 version of the Ferrari 456 GT introduces an automatic transmission to the car. The car is more specifically titled the Ferrari 456 GT Automatic or Ferrari 456 GTA. Ferrari was always interested in making a good automatic version of the 456 GT that did not have any of the flaws that plagued high-performance engines.

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1995 Ferrari 456 GT

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The 1995 Ferrari 456 GT first appearing in 1992 as a long-awaited replacement for 412.