2002 Ferrari 456M

  • 2002 Ferrari 456M GTA Coupe

    GTA Coupe

    • MAX MPG
    • SEATS
    • ENGINE
      5.5L V12
    • MSRP
  • 2002 Ferrari 456M GT Coupe

    GT Coupe

    • MAX MPG
    • SEATS
    • ENGINE
      5.5L V12
    • MSRP
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2002 Ferrari 456M Review

A four-passenger automobile running with exotics.

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The 2002 Ferrari 456M is versatile and practical. This tradition continues even after 40 years, offering the performance of a front engine in GTA or GT form. An automobile this stylish attracts attention from onlookers, all eager to ride in extra slots in the back. The Ferrari 456M has evolved into a dazzling and capable machine, truly deserving the descriptive phrase “four-seat sports car.” Since 1992, the Ferrari GT and GTA mark the most expensive models sold in the U.S.

The “M” in 456M indicates modifications that include the improvement of aerodynamics in 1998. The GT and GTA go by the Italian name, Berlinetta, meaning “little sedan.” In 2001, Ferrari sold 1200 of these models in the U.S.

The 456M has aluminum panels welded to a steel chassis. This combination reduces weight while keeping a rigid structure. A four-wheel suspension, complete with selectable settings in sport or normal mode, further enhance the Ferrari. The interior looks beautiful as well.

For exotic-car enthusiasts, the 2002 Ferrari 456M could be the perfect choice.

The Range

Body Styles: coupe
Engines: 5.5-liter V-12
Transmissions: four-speed automatic, six -speed manual
Models: Ferrari 456M GT, Ferrari 456M GTA

What's New

The Ferrari 456M remains unchanged for 2002.


Pininfarina, an Italian design company responsible for illustrious models throughout Ferrari’s history, styled the GTA and GT. Bodylines look smoother, coupled with body-side scallops and a crosshatch grille. The 2002 Ferrari 456M’s classic accentuated look comes from its short-deck and long-hood profile. The steel chassis, aluminum body, and carbon fiber hood make up the Ferrari trim levels. The 456M GT and GTA measure a foot longer than the Modena. Each model reaches 187.5 inches in length and rests on a wheelbase of 102.4 inches. Both Ferrari models measure 51.2 inches tall and have 17-inch wheels.


Inside the 2002 Ferrari 456M occupants find four seats with Connolly leather upholstery. Standard air-conditioning embodies a solar sensor. Front seats have power adjustments that include seat height, seat angle, and lumbar support. These seats automatically slide forward allowing easy access to the rear. In the back sit fold-down armrests and storage pockets for passengers’ convenience.

Clear, large gauges, climate control, and a trademark steering wheel give classic looks to the 456M. If those features and modern conveniences come up short, options include red brake calipers, dash pad and steering wheel color-matched, Daytona seat trim, and matching leather luggage.

Ferrari admirers like the snug bucket seats, ready to benefit from a spirited drive, even if it occurs on a crowded expressway.

Performance & Handling

Essential to its role of a high-speed car, the Ferrari 456M GT features the Ferrari V-12 underneath a sloping, long hood. Displacing 5.5 liters and making 442 horsepower with 406 lb-ft of torque, the Ferrari 456M can go from a standstill to 60 mph in five seconds. The 456M reaches a peak speed of 185 mph. Four camshafts overhead run four valves for each cylinder. A Bosch Motronic system features fuel injectors with two sprayers angled for precisely controlled combustion.

A unique feature of the 2002 Ferrari 456 GTA concerns the availability of an automatic transmission. The manual six-speed and the automatic four-speed transmission, each combined to rear axles, provide nearly perfect weight distribution. With the use of adaptive technology, the automatic picks from high performance or relaxed shift patterns. These are based on engine RPM, vehicle speed, and throttle input.


Side airbags come standard on the GT and GTA. Traction control, an engine immobilizer, stability control, daytime driving lights, and fog lights further enhance safety in the 2002 Ferrari 456M. Government crash-test results remain unavailable.

EPA Fuel Economy

Ferrari 456 M GT: 9/15 mpg city/highway
Ferrari 456 M GTA: 9/14 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Attractive styling
  • Holds four passengers
  • V-12 engine

You Won't Like

  • Curb weight affects performance
  • Expense

Sum Up

A four-passenger automobile running with exotics.

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