Ferrari 456M

The same V-12 engine that powers the 456 GT and GTA also powers the 456M. Before the release of the 456M, the Ferrari 456 GT marked a shift in the thinking of the famed carmaker, giving more importance to aerodynamics than flamboyance, and the Ferrari 456M takes it to the next level.

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Ferrari 456M Origins

The Ferrari 456M is a modified version of the Ferrari 456. The 'M' stands for Modificata, and the Ferrari 456M includes all 456 cars from the chassis number 109589. The 456M itself marks an improvement to the famous Ferrari 456, the 2+2 grand tourer that began production in 1992. This came three years after Ferrari stopped production on its last grand tourer.

About the Ferrari 456M

The Ferrari 456M boasts some important upgrades from the Ferrari 456. These modifications result from the several updates in Ferrari's technology between 1992 and 1998. The most important changes include alterations in the aerodynamics, the cooling system, and the interior of the car. Towards the end of the Ferrari 456M's life, the company also began its Carrozeria Scaglietti program, which allows consumers to customize their Ferrari 456Ms to a great extent.

Most importantly, the Ferrari 456M increased the production life of the 456. It gave the iconic car a new lease on life that allowed it to stay in production for a total of 11 years. In other words, the Ferrari 456M mixes the timelessness of Pininfarina's original shape with the modern design and performance developed by Ferrari's engineers.

Ferrari 456M Features

The 2003 Ferrari 456M represents the culmination of 11 years of perfection on a timeless design. Released in 1992, the Ferrari 456 has an aluminum coachwork chemically welded onto a steel tube chassis, using a specialized material called Feran. The rear and front valances, however, are made of composite mouldings.

The car runs on a 5474cc V-12 engine. The Ferrari 456M contains the same engine, but it offers better performance because of an improved cooling system and superior aerodynamics. Some of the changes are visible at first glance. For example, the 456 had a thinner grille with fog lights placed outside it. It also had scoops on the hood, which are absent from the Ferrari 456M. The undercarriage spoiler of the Ferrari 456M is improved from the old 456, which used a motorized spoiler that deployed when the car reached 65 mph.

The Ferrari 456M also features a Bosch Motronic 5.2 engine-management system that delivers 442 hp. Engineers modified the engine's firing pattern to smoothen its running, but the torque remains the same at 398 lb-ft at 4500 rpm. The Ferrari 456M delivers 436 bhp at 6250 rpm and has the option of a manual or automatic transmission. The manual six-speed transmission version of the car is named Ferrari 456M GT, while the automatic version is named the Ferrari 456M GTA. The car reaches a top speed of 186 mph.

The 2003 version of the Ferrari 456M also saw the introduction of the Carrozeria Scaglietti program. This program was launched in 2002 at the Geneva Motor Show, with Michael Schumacher's personal Ferrari 456M on display, featuring custom leather interior, a two-color paint scheme, a reworked instrument layout, and an improved handling pack.

The interiors of the Ferrari 456M were changed slightly as well. The seats are still leather-wrapped using Connolly Leather, but the seats themselves are completely new. New conveniences include some new gauges on the dash as well as a new Becker stereo system located in front of the gear stick. This stands apart from the shallow Sony head unit in the Ferrari 456 GT.

The wheelbase of the Ferrari 456M measures 2600 mm, with the front track measuring 1585 mm and the rear track measuring 1606 mm. Like the previous Ferrari 456 GT, the car comes standard with power steering.

Ferrari 456M Evolution

The Ferrari 456M was introduced in 1998 as the result of years of advancement in car manufacturing by Ferrari. It was marked by a revised coachwork on the older Ferrari 456 GT, along with new bumpers and crisper edges along the front fender. The interiors were also updated with refreshed seats and a new stereo system.

After its launch in 1998, the subsequent versions of the Ferrari 456M remained the same. However, the 2002 model saw the introduction of Ferrari's Carrozzeria Scaglietti modification program. This gave prospective Ferrari 456M owners the option to customize their cars to a great extent. The Ferrari 456M production line came to a halt in the following year, marking the end of the Ferrari 456 GT's 11-year run.

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