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The Ferrari Enzo was popular for many reasons including its limited production. Ferrari originally produced only 349 units of the car. After several requests from around the world, 50 more units of the Ferrari Enzo were built. In total, only 399 of these cars exist. However, one more Ferrari Enzo was built and presented to Pope John Paul II in 2005, raising production to an even 400 units.

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Ferrari Enzo Origins

Ferrari has always been at the forefront of automobile technology. It has never backed down from experimenting with its cars and styles, and the greatest modern example of the Italian carmaker's commitment is the Ferrari Enzo.

Named after the founder of the company, Enzo Ferrari, the Ferrari Enzo is a testament to the collective genius of the company's engineers. It is designed to look like no other vehicle. One look at the Ferrari Enzo will tell you that it has F1 blood racing through its veins. It was introduced to the world in 2003, and even today the Ferrari Enzo commands looks of respect and sheer awe.

About the Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari Enzo is one of the most well-known modern cars from the stables of the Prancing Stallion. The reason for its popularity is the amount of F1-inspired technology used in the car. For one, the car is built on a complete carbon-fiber body, just like F1 cars. Moreover, the aerodynamics, engine, transmission, and braking system incorporate new technology. In fact, the engine of the Ferrari Enzo itself is considered the first among a new generation of Ferrari engines.

The Ferrari Enzo won several awards for its ground-breaking design and performance. Sports Car International listed the Ferrari Enzo in the third spot on its list of Top Sports Cars of the 2000s. Motor Trend Classic also named the Ferrari Enzo the fourth-greatest Ferrari of all time.

Ferrari Enzo Features

As mentioned before, the limited edition 2003 Ferrari Enzo has a complete carbon-fiber body. Other F1-inspired technology used in the car includes an electro-hydraulic shift transmission system and carbon-fiber reinforced silicon carbide ceramic disk brakes. The Ferrari Enzo is also built with technologies that are not allowed on Ferrari's F1 cars, therefore making the Enzo an example of what the engineers at Ferrari could achieve without any rules to play by. The technologies this car uses include active aerodynamics and traction control. When the car reaches 300 km/h, or 186 mph, it experiences a downforce of 775 kg, or 1709 pounds, which triggers the actuation of the rear wink to maintain this downforce.

The Ferrari Enzo contains a next-generation V-12 engine that's based on the Maserati Quattroporte. Both engines share the basic architecture and bore spacing diameter. The new engine design of the Ferrari Enzo is also used in the V-8 and V-12 engines of contemporary Ferraris.

The design of the Ferrari Enzo is attributed to Ken Okuyama, the former head designer for Pininfarina, hailing from Japan. The engine is an F140, 65-degree V-12 with variable valve timing, dual overhead cams, and four valves per cylinder. The engine itself naturally aspirates, and it uses a Bosch Motronic ME7 fuel injection system. It has a total displacement of 5998cc and delivers a maximum power of 651 bhp at 7800 rpm, as well as a maximum torque of 485 lb-ft at 5500 rpm.

The Ferrari Enzo uses a semi-automatic, F1-style transmission that employs paddles to control the automated clutch and shifting mechanism. The steering wheel comes fitted with LED lights. These lights inform the driver when to shift gears. The F1 transmission in the Enzo has a shift time of only 150 milliseconds.

The Ferrari Enzo has independent suspensions on all four wheels, with push-rod controlled shock absorbers that can be adjusted from inside the cabin. The suspension system is complemented with front and rear anti-roll bars. The Ferrari Enzo comes equipped with 15-inch Brembro disc brakes, mounted on 19-inch wheels. The wheels are fitted with Bridgestone RE050A Potenza Scuderia tires and are fixed to the car using a single lug nut.

In terms of performance, the Ferrari Enzo can reach 60 mph, or 97 km/h, in 3.14 seconds, and it can reach 100 mph, or 160 km/h, in 6.6 seconds. The top recorded speed of this car is a whopping 220 mph, or 350 km/h.

Ferrari Enzo Evolution

The Ferrari Enzo is a limited edition model, and only 400 models were produced in 2003. The car itself made its debut in 2002 at the Paris Motor Show, and 349 models sold at a unit price of $659,330. The Ferrari Enzo is designed to be an extreme sports car with irresistible racing capabilities, and it meets this goal spectacularly. What is notable about this car is that whenever one Ferrari Enzo crashes, the cost of the remaining Enzo's in the market goes up substantially.

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