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The Ferrari Superamerica provides a convertible version of the Ferrari 575M Maranello. The 575M is basically an updated version of the iconic 550 Maranello with some styling changes made by Pininfarina. The car has an electro-chromic glass panel that can rotate 180 degrees at the rear. The Ferrari Superamerica also uses a V-12 engine and is marketed by Ferrari as the fastest convertible in the world.

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Ferrari Superamerica Origins

The Ferrari Superamerica is not the first Ferrari car to use this name. Ferrari also used it for other top-end models built during the 1950s and 1960s. These older versions of the Ferrari Superamerica are mainly large grand tourer cars that have live rear axles along with worm and sector steering. The first car in this exotic car lineup is the Ferrari Superamerica 410 coupe, which Ferrari introduced in 1956. The updated version of the car launched as the 400, in 1960.

The previous Ferrari Superamerica models had a front engine design and use V-12 engines, which mark two signature traits that Ferrari carries over to the Maranello-based Ferrari Superamerica. The brand introduced this car to the world at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show. It was also exhibited in the Detroit Motor Show held the same year.

About the Ferrari Superamerica

The Ferrari Superamerica is known for two things: its massive and powerful V-12 engine, and its innovative, rotating glass roof. The rear of the car fits the new rotating roof system, a feature that makes it look futuristic. The design of the Ferrari Superamerica gains inspiration from the exotic car line of the 1950s and 1960s it’s named after.

The Fioravanti-patented glass rotating roof, called the Revocromico roof, has a support structure made completely out of carbon fiber. This structure integrates with the electro-chromic glass, which itself links aesthetically and functionally to the rear window. The rearward rotation movement is made possible via a surprisingly simple rotational mechanism that uses a single fulcrum. Another technical innovation of the glass retractable roof is the trunk design; the roof, when open, rests flush with the trunk lid. This ensures that the trunk space is not compromised when the roof is down.

While the V-12 engine comes as an option for the 575M Maranello, the 21st century Ferrari Superamerica offers it standard. The engine is boisterous and powerful with a rated power of 540 hp.

The Ferrari Superamerica can convert from a hardtop to a roadster in 10 seconds flat. The system is completely automated, and the roof can retract or pull up with the touch of a button.

Ferrari Superamerica Features

The 2005 Ferrari Superamerica served as the only model year for the car. A classic V-12 engine gave the car a maximum power of 540 hp at 7250 rpm. This engine, along with the car’s electro-chromic roof, allowed it to go from standstill to 62 mph within 4.2 seconds. Ferrari markets the car as the fastest convertible in the world for its time, reaching a maximum speed of 199 mph.

The Ferrari Superamerica came standard with a manual gearbox, but an F1-style gearbox with gear shifting paddles behind the steering wheel is also available as an option. Like other Ferrari Superamerica cars in the past, the 2005 Ferrari Superamerica is also a limited edition car.

Famed Italian car designer Pininfarina is responsible for the smooth and aerodynamic exterior and modern but classic interior of the Ferrari Superamerica. The car retained the same balance of proportions that made the V-12 Berlinettas famous. The famous Revocromico roof blends smoothly with the car’s rear lines thanks to the presence of buttresses on both sides. These buttresses invoked the classic Ferrari styling and also provide rollover protection to the car as well as protection for the roof itself. In fact, the rear of the Ferrari Superamerica was particularly different from other Ferraris as it includes a complete carbon fiber trunk that features the Prancing Stallion shield in relief. The rigid roof couples with the 19-inch split rims and Bridgestone Potenza tires to give the Ferrari Superamerica a muscular yet elegant stance.

The Ferrari Superamerica did not disappoint on the inside either. The seats featured an exclusive, handcrafted leather trim. The roof switches, instrument panel, and car radio came with carbon fiber detailing. The light entering through the glass roof on top gave the interior a unique look. The onboard storage also improved thanks to the storage compartments and the closed cabinet positioned directly behind the seats.

Ferrari Superamerica Evolution

The Ferrari Superamerica was a limited edition model sold by the Italian carmaker in 2005. Only 559 models of the car exist. The exact production number follows the company founder Enzo Ferrari’s personal belief that the number of cars manufactured should always be one fewer than the market demand. As a result, the Ferrari Superamerica has no past versions.

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The Superamerica is a Ferrari 575M Maranello variant.