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Ferrari is one of the premier brands of exclusive, high-end, high-performance European sports cars. The company was founded in Italy in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari as a sponsor of race cars and their drivers. As an accomplished racecar driver himself, Ferrari had previously founded the Scuderia Ferrari, an organization that coordinated amateur auto races. The brand built its first cars in 1947 to compete in international racing against the world's best teams.

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Ferrari Through The Years

After Ferrari raced Alfa Romeos, the automaker eventually hired him to head their racing team. However, Ferrari’s need for speed dictated the decision to design and build cars of his own. He produced two cars in 1940, neither of which bore the Ferrari name. His automotive ambitions were then for a time interrupted by Italy’s involvement in World War II. However, immediately after the war, Ferrari set up shop in the village of Maranello. By decade’s end, Ferrari succeeded in producing its first vehicles: the 125 S and the 166 Barchetta.

Ferrari’s efforts as a producer of high-performance sports cars were driven by his company’s success on the racetrack. Since its beginnings, Ferrari has been closely involved in motorsports, building some of the world’s best racecars. The Scuderia Ferrari still competes in Formula One and sports car competitions around the world.

Ferrari’s profile grew during the 1960s when it produced classic models like the GTB4 “Daytona,” the 246 GT “Dino,” and the 365 California. During the 1970s, Ferrari sold half of his company to Fiat. However, Ferrari remained firmly in the driver’s seat when it came to making decisions at the company that bore his name. He introduced a number of new models during the 1970s including the 308 GT4 and the 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer.

Enzo Ferrari passed away during the 1980s as Fiat took a majority share in the company. In the 1980s, Ferrari produced a number of iconic models including the Testarossa and the 308 GTS. The 308 GTS was actually introduced in 1977; however, during the 1980s, it became Ferrari’s most recognizable model when it was driven by Tom Selleck on the TV show, “Magnum P” .

Ferrari in America

Ferrari’s are among the most recognizable high-end sports cars in the United States. While its price tag may be out of reach for most Americans, Ferraris have been viewed as the very height of sexy Euro sports car glamour in the U.S. for decades.

While high-performance Italian sports cars have always been somewhat on the rare side in the U.S., Ferrari remained more popular with American drivers than many similar high-end Italian cars. Red 308 GTSs, most commonly seen on “Magnum P.I.” have achieved something of an cult status.

Ferrari Models

Today, Ferrari produces vehicles that still manage to retain the wall poster look-at-me status as their predecessors. Introduced in 2008, the Ferrari California is a drop top grand touring sports car. A two-door, hardtop convertible, the California takes its name from a model produced in the 1950s and is powered by a 4.3 liter V-8 that’s front-mid mounted. The California is the first front engine Ferrari to feature a V-8. It can reach a top speed of 193 mph.

The 458 Italia is a mid-engine model that Ferrari also currently produces. The 458 was unveiled to replace the discontinued Ferrari F430 in 2009. It is powered by a 4.5-liter V-8 and can hit a top speed of 202 mph. The 458 Italia’s modern take on classic Ferrari design was created to be aerodynamic and efficient. Though expensive, it is considered one of the top performance cars in the world.

Another of Ferrari’s current models is the 599 GTB Fiorano, regarded as the brand’s flagship two-seater coupe. It was unveiled in 2006 when it replaced the 575M. Powered by a massive V-12 engine, the 599 GTB Fiorano is also capable of hitting 202 mph.

The FF or Ferrari Four is new model, introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2011. A first for Ferrari, the FF is a four-seat grand tourer hatchback with a V-12 engine and a top speed of 208 mph. Ferrari claims that the FF is the world’s fastest four-seater. Only 800 vehicles were produced during the FF’s first year of production.

Ferrari Products and Technologies

Since releasing the Ferrari 166 Inter in 1949, Ferrari has been renown for its sports cars. While most American sports cars are front engine mounted, Ferraris are typically known for featuring mid-mounted engines in its more extreme supercars and front engines in its grand tourers.

Ferrari will always be one of the standard bearers when it coms to high-end performance vehicles. Enzo Ferrari’s experience in the world of high performance auto racing informed the company’s car building from the very start. Thus many drivers regard Ferrari as the standard for high-performance sports vehicles. For drivers who can afford it, there’s simply no substitute for the power and style of a Ferrari.

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Ferrari California

2016 | Convertible, Sports

The Ferrari California was launched in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show.

Starting At: $198,973


Ferrari 488 Spider

2016 | Convertible, Sports

Starting At: $245,400


Ferrari F12berlinetta

2016 | Coupe, Sports

Starting At: $319,995