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Ford is an American automotive icon. Today, Ford is best known for its many pickup trucks, its SUVs, and the Mustang sports car. Ford's future is focused on SUVs and trucks, with all-electric vehicles on the way.

Least Expensive: The least expensive Ford is the EcoSport crossover, which starts at about $21,000. The Ranger is the least expensive Ford pickup truck, which stickers below $25,000 for a RWD Super Cab model with a 6-foot bed.

Most Expensive: The half-million-dollar, carbon-fiber Ford GT supercar is the most expensive Ford. In terms of more everyday vehicles, the most expensive Ford truck is the F-450 Super Duty Limited. This luxurious pickup starts at more than $92,000.

Most Fun to Drive: Over its decades in production, the Ford Mustang has earned fanfare for its sporty reflexes and styling. No matter what's under its hood, the Mustang is built for muscular motoring. The Mustang GT500 goes beyond simple fun and into the realm of extreme performance.

Most Popular: With hundreds of thousands sold every year, the F-150 is the most popular Ford and the best-selling vehicle in America. F-150 configurations range from no-frills work truck to off-road beast. Development of an all-electric F-150 pickup truck is underway.

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27 / Hwy 24 / City

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