Ford Aspire

The Ford Aspire resembles a variety of other small, compact cars and mini wagons that appear on the market. Many people are more familiar with the style and design of the Aspire in the forms of the Ford Festiva, the Kia Avella, and the Kia Pride, among a few others.

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Ford Origins

In business, the road to success often comes paved with challenges. Henry Ford discovered this when he first introduced his vision for an automotive company to the world in 1899 with the Detroit Automobile Company. Like many upstart companies, this one failed, and Mr. Ford moved his aspirations and dreams to the Henry Ford Company in 1901. Alas, after many disputes over a variety of issues with his financial backers, Henry Ford left the company with about 900 dollars and the right to use his name.

Armed with those benefits, Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903. While there were some challenges to the new company in terms of financial backing, the company did manage to establish itself and thrive in the highly competitive automotive industry of the early 1900s. In addition to the company's tradition of providing consumers with well-made cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, the Ford Motor Company also has the distinction of surviving the Great Depression when many companies did not. It has remained family owned and operated since its beginning, and Henry Ford's descendants are still in possession of the company.

Ford continues to make a large variety of vehicles including the popular Aspire.

About the Ford Aspire

As Ford's answer to the public's need for a small, affordable car, the Aspire offers a good design choice. It is well known for being the first car of its class in the U.S. to offer dual airbags as part of the standard trim package. The Aspire is incredibly popular with young adults, newly licensed teens, and as a second car for many families. Its relatively low price makes the Ford Aspire an incredibly popular choice for a transition car or a first car.

These cars, typically built around a Mazda motor, fall into the subcompact economy car class.

Industry leaders and test drivers do not praise the Aspire, and the car series struggles. Many feel it is cheaply made and doesn't offer the necessary safety features. The Aspire also does not include many of the extras needed to make it a comfortable car to drive or ride in.

Ford Aspire Features

1997 was the last model year in which Ford offered the Aspire to the public. Over the years, Ford updated the Aspire to provide a more streamlined appearance, in an attempt to give the car an edge on the competition. Among its advantages, this car is affordable and offers incredible fuel economy for its class. This model sells very well and was only outsold by one other model in its class during the 1997 model year. Experts note huge improvements in the 1997 over previous years' models.

Even with its updated body style, the Aspire still doesn't offer much in the way of luxury. It has four seats, including the driver's, and two doors. This model offers airbags standard.

In short, the Ford Aspire is exactly what it is intended to be: a small, affordable car, perfect for those on a budget with little need for anything flashy.

Ford Aspire Evolution

The past models of the Ford Aspire resemble the first. These cars offer very little in the way of extras and are intended as entry-level passenger cars. Interior space and trunk space are limited, as is leg room. On the positive side, these cars do fit into compact parking spaces and suit people who have little need for expensive vehicles that use a lot of fuel. In most cases, the Aspire is thought to be reliable, if a bit cheaply made. Upkeep and maintenance are relatively simple and affordable as well.

All of the Aspire models are manufactured in Ford's Korean plant and are shipped to various countries all over the world under various names. The cars come equipped with factory standard three-speed automatic or five-speed manual overdrive transmissions. The Aspire models also offer a 1.3-liter engine that provides 74 lb-ft of torque and 63 horsepower. While not overly powerful, this engine provides more than enough go-ability to ensure that the compact Aspire can move about town and on the highway with minimal fuel consumption.

Select a Ford Aspire Year

1997 Ford Aspire

Compact, Hatchback

The 1997 Ford Aspire is a front-drive, two- or four-door hatchback.

1996 Ford Aspire

Compact, Hatchback

The 1996 Ford Aspire classifies as a subcompact car marketed by Ford from 1993.

1995 Ford Aspire

Compact, Hatchback

The 1995 Ford Aspire is an entry-level hatchback that is designed primarily with price as a major consideration.