Ford Bronco

Ford ran production on the Bronco from 1966 to 1996. The car has long enjoyed the reputation of a dependable SUV, ideal for hauling kids, cargo, and just about anything else drivers need.

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Ford Origins

One thing the United States has been known for is its production of high-quality cars and trucks, almost from the very beginning of the industry's existence. It is impossible to consider automotive history without thinking of the Ford Motor Company. Much like that of other fine car manufacturers, the history of Ford wasn't all smooth sailing. The company overcame some trying difficulties before achieving success.

Henry Ford first stepped into the automotive business in 1899, with the Detroit Automobile Company. Due to financial problems, the company failed, and Ford lent his name and talent to the creation of the Henry Ford Company in 1901. As it turned out, Ford and his financial backers had disagreements that ended the company. So with two failed attempts under his belt, Henry Ford took a chance and started the Ford Motor Company in 1903. This time, he managed to accomplish what he set out to do, and an automotive giant was born.

The Ford Motor Company is still family owned and operated to this day. It continues to produce popular cars, trucks, and SUVs, like the Ford Bronco, for the company's many fans.

About the Ford Bronco

Ford offers the Bronco in five, very different generations. The early Broncos, made until 1977, are unique to the full-size Broncos, which appeared in 1978 and continued until the line's end in 1996. All of the Broncos are well known for their off-road capabilities and truck-like driving and handling, as well as their durability.

Ford Bronco Features

The 1996 model comes in only one body style, but Ford offers several trim packages for consumers to choose from. Buyers looking at the 1996 Bronco can easily distinguish it from the XL, XLT, XLT sport, andEddie Bauer editions. Each trim package offers options that greatly enhance the powerhouse SUV.

With such a large vehicle, it's necessary to discuss the available engine options for the Bronco. Consumers have the option of three different V-8 engines. The first, a 5.0-liter engine, provides 210 horsepower and boasts a four-speed automatic, or a five-speed transmission. The next motor features a 5.8-liter capacity, with only an automatic transmission available. Finally, the monster engine option is the 5.8-liter V-8.This engine meets emission standards by converting airflow, fuel metering, and fuel injection.

The interior of the 1996 Ford Bronco looks much like that of Ford's F-series pick-up truck. No one can complain about a lack of room in the cabin, and there is plenty of leg and head room. You will also find that the Bronco offers more than adequate storage space for luggage, hunting and fishing equipment, or whatever else you may want to haul.

Ford Bronco Evolution

The original Ford Bronco bears little resemblance to the monster-size sport utility vehicle it morphed into by 1996. In 1966, the Bronco was introduced to compete with Jeep CJ vehicles and the International Harvester Scout. It is relatively small and designed for off-road travel, which the early edition manages very well. It's important to note that with the first generation's small size, towing ability is minimal. Regardless, it proves very popular with people who have outdoor lifestyles.

Ford did a great job of updating the Bronco as the years went on. Design upgrades were necessary for the SUV that remained in production for 30 years. Later models offer buyers a lot of new extras. Starting in the 1990s, Ford updated the Bronco with additional safety features such as rear-seating seatbelts, driver side airbags, and crumple zones in the front of the vehicle—to make front-end collisions less dangerous for passengers. The more recent models also feature updated body styles and changes to the dash.Overall, the Bronco has always done well in off-road driving, making it an excellent sport utility vehicle.

Select a Ford Bronco Year

1996 Ford Bronco

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 1996 Ford Bronco comes with two engine choices, two transmission choices, and three trim levels.

1995 Ford Bronco

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 1995 Ford Bronco is a powerful, high-performance sport utility vehicle (SUV) that can handle well on roadways and off road.