2007 Ford Crown Victoria

  • 2007 Ford Crown Victoria Base Sedan

    Base Sedan

    • MAX MPG
    • SEATS
    • ENGINE
      4.6L V8
    • MSRP
  • 2007 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sedan

    LX Sedan

    • MAX MPG
    • SEATS
    • ENGINE
      4.6L V8
    • MSRP
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2007 Ford Crown Victoria Review

A good value if shoppers are okay driving in a car that looks like a cop car or taxi cab.

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As the back-bone of fleet cars around the world, the Ford Crown Victoria is probably most widely known under the classic black and white of police cars and the easily-bright yellow reserved for taxis. A near-perfect blend of roomy sedan coupled with a more stalwart sense of street-minded capability, the six-passenger Ford Crown Victoria outlived nearly all its competitors since it first hit the streets in 1955.

Tracing its roots to the 1980 model, the 2007 Ford Crown Victoria ran uninterrupted for over 30 years until 1992 when the model received a substantial makeover, dropping the LTD label. Lacking some of the overall refinement and handling agility of some of its class contemporaries like Chrysler’s 300 or the Toyota Avalon, the Ford Crown Victoria is the least expensive in its.

The Range

Body Styles: four-door sedan
Engines: 4.6-liter V-8 engine
Transmissions: standard four-speed automatic transmission
Models: Ford Crown Victoria Commercial Base Fleet SWB, Base, Commercial Base Fleet LWB, LX

What's New

With one trim level discontinued for the 2007 model year, the Ford Crown Victoria does receive some notable changes across the remaining trims. Standard items on the base model include keyless entry and CD player while daylight running lights and an alarm system become options on all Crown Victorias. Two variant feature packages are available on the LX trim, a Premium Sport Handling package with improved suspension, 17-inch wheels, dual exhaust, and a Performance package that includes leather seating throughout.


The 2007 Ford Crown Victoria’s exterior design hasn’t changed much over the last decade, still in full possession of its trademark elongated front hood and curved edging. In line with assuring that production costs remained as low as possible and that the car maintained its road durability, it uses a body-on-frame construction, which prevents Ford from adding a rear-end suspension. In 2003, Ford enhanced the Crown Vic’s exterior a bit by fitting it with a new frame, a revamped front suspension, along with rack and pinion steering. All upgrades were meant to improve its crash-worthiness and vehicle handling.


Standard seating across trims is six passengers in total, five in either Sport or Performance packaging once placing the shifter and bucket seats up front. Roomy, no-nonsense, and comfortable, the 2007 Crown Vic offers plenty of deep trunk space of 21 cubic feet. Downsides include the somewhat outdated hard-plastic dash and sides with radio and heating controls that's hard to reach unless the consumer opts for the steering wheel-mounted functions instead.

Performance & Handling

The 4.6-liter V-8 generates 224 hp and 272 lb-ft of torque, while the LX packages boosts engine output up to 239 hp and 287 lb-ft of torque. Ford pioneered a technology known as flex-fuel that allows the Ford Crown Victoria to run on a combination of gasoline and ethanol. A smooth accelerator that delivers accurate handling, the 2007 Crown Victoria gives drivers a worthy and powerful road experience.


Safety features on the 2007 Ford Crown Victoria include the standard four-wheel drive anti-lock braking system, electronic brake distribution (EBD), front height adjustable headrests, dusk sensing headlamps, and child seat anchors/rear door safety locks, while such functions as traction control remain optional.

EPA Fuel Economy

2007 Ford Crown Victoria: 15/23 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Good passenger capacity of six
  • Low sticker price
  • Roomy rear cabin/comfortable interior
  • Sturdy V-8 engine performs well
  • Excellent crash test scores

You Won't Like

  • Slightly outdated exterior design
  • Cheap interior cabin materials

Sum Up

A good value if shoppers are okay driving in a car that looks like a cop car or taxi cab.

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