Ford Crown Victoria

The name "Crown Victoria" first appeared on a Ford in 1955, then reemerged after a decades-long absence on the 1979 Ford LTD. While it was often used by law enforcement and other agencies in its original form, in 1998 Ford offered a special version of the Crown Victoria especially for that market. The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is designed and produced exclusively for police and other law enforcement organizations.

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Ford Origins

It's just about impossible to discuss the American automotive tradition without mentioning the Ford Motor Company. This company was among the first in the Detroit area to start down the path of automotive excellence. Even with the good reputation Ford has now, the beginning wasn't all smooth sailing. The story begins in 1899 with the Detroit Automobile Company. This company was Henry Ford's first foray into the new world of automobile design, production, and sales. The company never took off the way it needed to, and Ford turned his attention elsewhere.

In 1901, Henry Ford teamed up with financial investors and started the Henry Ford Company. It wasn't long before Ford had serious disagreements with his backers and left the company with only the rights to use his own name and about 900 dollars. With these tools, he started the Ford Motor Company in 1903. Fortunately, with hard work and a good team of engineers and designers, he was able to make his company a success.

The Ford Motor Company is family owned and has survived various financial ups and downs, like the Great Depression. Ford continues to offer a wide range of cars, trucks, and SUVs to the world's markets.

About the Ford Crown Victoria

Soon after the first Crown Victoria rolled off the assembly line, a large number of law enforcement agencies recognized how effective the heavy, well-made car would be as police cruisers. Other official agencies chose to adopt the car as well.

With its heavy, steel body and powerhouse engine and transmission, the Crown Victoria is a natural choice for this kind of work. The Police Interceptor edition comes equipped with updated safety features as well as heavier-duty mechanisms throughout the car to enhance performance in stressful situations. Though Ford discontinued the Crown Victoria in 2007, the car is still produced for law enforcement and official uses.

Ford Crown Victoria Features

The 2007 Ford Crown Victoria is the last model available for civilian use. The Police Interceptor is still available to law enforcement and government agencies. The public edition resembles the Crown Victoria of years past. It is a six-seater, heavy-duty sedan made with a heavy body style for its frame. Despite the Crown Victoria's tremendous weight, Ford still makes the car to be relatively light on its feet, or wheels, so to speak.

The standard motor for one of these beasts is a 4.6-liter V-8, capable of 224 horsepower. The upgraded trim levels offer the option of an improved performance package that provides 239 horsepower and 287 lb-ft of torque. In terms of transmission, the 2007 Crown Victoria only offers a four-speed automatic.

Again, much like past Crown Victoria models, the interior of the 2007 lacks somewhat. These cars are made to be as reliable and dependable as possible for an affordable price. As a result, the interior suffers a bit. The dash is outdated, and some of the materials used for the interior are not of the highest grade. Still, it does live up to its promise to be a reliable, secure car for the buyer.

Ford Crown Victoria Evolution

The Crown Victoria from Ford has enjoyed a long history. The first cars with this name appeared in the 1955 model year and were received as a good economical car for families and those who preferred reliability over high-performance or speed.

The Crown Victoria LTD editions were made from 1979 to 1991. These cars are sought after for their shortened body styles that provided greater fuel efficiency as well as easier parking. Unbelievably, this new body style does not limit the interior space at all. The Crown Victoria still features plenty of room in the front and back seats in terms of head and leg space.

The LTD Crown Victoria models were discontinued in 1992, and Ford offered a newly updated car to the public. This Crown Victoria model features a more streamlined, modern look. Ford made moderate changes to the design over the next two generations. In 2003, the chassis of the Crown Victoria was overhauled using hydro formed steel. That year also brought improved front and rear suspension systems. The suspension improvements are standard for both commercial and law enforcement models of the car.

Select a Ford Crown Victoria Year

2007 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

As the back-bone of fleet cars around the world, the Ford Crown Victoria is probably most widely known under the classic black and white of police cars and the easily-bright yellow reserved for taxis.

2006 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

2005 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

The Ford Crown Victoria is among the last traditional full-size six-passenger sedans.

2004 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

The 2004 Ford Crown Victoria stems from a model that appeared in 1955 as a two-door, six-seat coupe.

2003 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

The 2003 Ford Crown Victoria is the next in a long line of fleet cars.

2002 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

Ford remains the lone manufacturer of rear-drive American sedans.

2001 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

Decades ago, before gasoline prices started to increase significantly, the standard American sedan was a large, powerful, rear-drive sedan.

2000 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

The 2000 Ford Crown Victoria makes a great full-size sedan.

1999 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

The 1999 Ford Crown Victoria is a full-size, rear-drive domestic-built sedan that was once perhaps the most commonly driven model on the American roads.

1998 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

The 1998 Ford Crown Victoria serves as a rear-drive, full-size sedan introduced by Ford Motor Company in 1990.

1997 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

The 1997 Ford Crown Victoria, often referred to as the Crown Vic, classifies as a rear-drive, full-size sedan.

1996 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan

While the majority of sales go to taxi companies and the police, the 1996 Ford Crown Victoria offers a lot of power with decent fuel economy.

1995 Ford Crown Victoria

Midsize, Sedan