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1998 Ford E-250 Econoline

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1998 Ford E-250 Econoline Review

A solid commercial vehicle that easily hauls large amounts of cargo.

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The 1998 Ford E-250 Econoline differs slightly from later models in terms of naming. Starting in 1999, the Econoline referred to an entire line of vans formally known as the E-Series. However, for 1998, Econoline refers to specific models in the E-Series. The E-Series vans get broken down into numbered models based on their weight ratings. The Ford E-250 marks the medium capacity model in the series, with a 4.2-liter six-cylinder engine. The E-150 uses the same size engine; the one used in the E-250 offers a little more power though.

Compared to the other models in the Ford E-Series, the E-250 Econoline serves a specific niche. Both the E-150 and E-350 have more model options. The E-150 proves less powerful but offers better fuel economy and a lower price. The E-350 provides more power. The E-250 Econoline stands out for drivers who need more power than the E-150 but do not need the full power of the E-350. However, at this point, it seems entirely possible that drivers might not have access to all three E-Series lines, so the E-250 becomes a much more solid option without competition from related models.

The Range

Body Styles: full-size van
Engines: 4.2-liter six-cylinder
Transmissions: four-speed automatic
Models: Ford E-250 Econoline, Ford E-250 Super Econoline

What's New

The 1998 Ford E-250 Econoline looks virtually identical to the previous year’s models.


The exterior of the 1998 Ford E-250 Econoline looks like a standard full-size van. Steel wheels and trailer wiring come standard. A camper towing package, a rear step bumper, keyless entry, power mirrors, and chrome bumpers remain available as options.


The E-250 Econoline, similar to most commercial vehicles, lacks the interior amenities common in passenger vehicles. The 1998 Ford E-250 Econoline has two vinyl bucket seats for the passenger and driver. An AM/FM radio comes standard. Dual-zone air-conditioning, a cassette player, cruise control, power doors, power windows, and a rear heater provide equipment options.

Performance & Handling

The 1998 Ford E-250 Econoline’s performance and handling vary based on how drivers approach it. As a commercial vehicle, the E-250 has excellent handling and performance for a vehicle of its size. The ride also feels rather smooth compared to some of the competition. Drivers coming from passenger vehicle backgrounds find it a bit cumbersome. It handles fairly well, but the large size, lower acceleration, and larger turning circle require a slightly different driving approach. It does not deliver the same ride as a crossover SUV, but it is not that difficult to handle either.


The safety features in the 1998 Ford E-250 Econoline seem better than those on most commercial vans. In a front-end collision, the dual front airbags provide protection for the driver and passenger. Four-wheel anti-lock brakes come standard on the E-250 Econoline. The large size helps protect occupants in a crash.

EPA Fuel Economy

Ford E-250 Econoline: 13/17 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Massive interior
  • Decent handling
  • Solid value

You Won't Like

  • Poor fuel economy
  • E-150 beats the E-250 on price
  • E-350 beats the E-250 on power

Sum Up

A solid commercial vehicle that easily hauls large amounts of cargo.

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