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2013 Ford E-250

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2013 Ford E-250 Review

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The 2013 Ford E-250 is a rugged cargo van made for carrying whatever the job calls for. Built with maximum cargo and space in mind, the E-250 has long been a mainstay in the Ford stable. The 2013 Ford E-250 is available in regular and long wheelbases, as well as commercial and recreational specs. Formerly known as the Econoline, the Ford E-250 offers seating for up to 15 passengers and is thus suited for a wide array of purposes. Tracing its history back over five decades, the Ford E-250 is a strong workhorse of a van that has proven to be a success in both commerce applications and private use.

The E-250 goes beyond merely being utilitarian thanks to innovative options including satellite navigation and a rearview camera. Tracing its history back to 1961, the 2013 E-250 is a direct descendant of one of Ford’s oldest, and perhaps least celebrated, lines. Despite the general lack of fanfare surrounding the mild-mannered E-series, the E-250 is a true road warrior that can handle a wide range of different tasks with equal ease. 2013 does, however, mark the end of production for the E-series, with a replacement model expected to emerge in the following year.

New For 2013

The Ford E-250 is almost totally unchanged. The most notable change is:

  • The cigarette lighter heating element is removed, but 12-volt power is retained


Outside, the Ford E-250 casts the unmistakable image of a work van. Available with or without windows, the E-250 can be customized to suit a variety of applications. Versatility is the strength of the E-250. A wealth of different factory-configurable options is offered, including an Ambulance Prep package, Crew Van package, and assorted vocation-specific packages. Body panels of the 2013 Ford E-250 are composed of fully-galvanized steel. The basic design involves three-doors, including a swing-out rear door. The windows of the 2013 Ford E-250 are light-tinted as well. All versions of the 2013 Ford E-250 include 16-inch wheels, halogen headlamps, and optional daytime running lights. Ford offers other user-specified configurations to facilitate an assortment of work-related tasks.

Interior & Cargo

The value of the E-250 lies in its conduciveness to work. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of the interior and its extensive customizable options. The massive dashboard is easy to operate, with useful features clustered close to the steering column for ease of access. Ford’s SYNC communication system is available in the 2013 Ford E-250. The E-250 can offer seating for up to 15, or choose from a variety of different bins racks at no charge. This means that large crews, electrical contractors, appliance repairers, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and more vocations can make use of the E-250. AM/FM stereo, power steering, and vinyl seating are standard features of the 2013 Ford E-250. Options include power windows, power doors, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, and air-conditioning. Interior space of the standard Ford E-250 is quite robust at 278 cubic feet, without optional seats, bins, or racks. In addition to added space, the 2013 Ford E-250 offers a convenient 110-volt electrical outlet for providing power as needed.


Safety considerations built into the 2013 Ford E-250 include dual-front airbags and four-wheel anti-lock brakes. The van also features an electronic stability system with Roll Stability Control (RSC). Available safety options of the 2013 Ford E-250 include a backup camera and factory-installed trailer brake control. The Ford E-250 is lacking rear head-mounted airbags, so passengers are left to rely on the seatbelt alone for safety, which is a concern somewhat mitigated by the girth of the vehicle and its steel body panels.

Driving Experience

The driving experience of the 2013 Ford E-250 is all about getting the job done. The Ford E-250 features a 4.6-liter, eight-cylinder engine by default, and a 5.4-liter version is available as an option. All variants feature a four-speed automatic transmission. Performance is as stiff as one might expect, but the overall ride is comfortable for front and rear passengers in the case that seats are chosen. The 2013 Ford E-250 is straightforward, job-oriented and lacking in creature comforts and amenities, but that is the point, after all. With over 50 years on the road, the Ford E-series may be coming to an end, but it ends on a service-focused high note with the 2013 Ford E-250.

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