Ford Minivan/Van Buying Guide

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Ford Aerostar Minivan/Van

1997-1995 |

The Ford Aerostar is also well known for its unique design.

Ford E-150 Minivan/Van

2014-2002 |

The Ford E-150 will never be mistaken for any other vehicle class or style as it looks exactly like the stereotypical van.

Ford E-150 Econoline Minivan/Van

2001-1995 |

The Ford E-150 Econoline van was the best-selling, full-size van on the market since 1980.

Ford E-250 Econoline Minivan/Van

2001-1997 |

As a commercial hauler, the Ford E-250 Econoline does the job but lacks the design for great fuel economy.

Ford E-350 Minivan/Van

2014-2002 |

The Ford E-350 Super Duty is the most rugged and well-equipped model available in the E-Series.

Ford E-350 Econoline Minivan/Van

2001-1995 |

The Ford E-350 Econoline is part of Ford’s successful E-Series and is one of the longest running series of vans still in production today.

Ford Freestar Minivan/Van

2007-2004 |

The Ford Freestar, introduced in 2004, is a minivan that replaced the Ford Windstar.

Ford Windstar Minivan/Van

2003-1995 |

The Ford Windstar entered the market for two different stretches of time.