Ford Sedan Buying Guide

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Ford Contour Sedan

2000-1995 |Midsize

In addition to enjoying some of the spotlight in Europe, the Ford Contour is also known for replacing the Ford Tempo in the manufacturer’s U.S. line up.

Ford Crown Victoria Sedan

2007-1995 |Midsize

The name "Crown Victoria" first appeared on a Ford in 1955, then reemerged after a decades-long absence on the 1979 Ford LTD.

Ford Escort Sedan

2002-1995 |Compact

Ford Fiesta Sedan

2019, 2017-2011 |Compact

The Ford Fiesta saw production for three years in the 1970s.

Ford Five Hundred Sedan

2007-2005 |Midsize

The Ford Five Hundred was a full-size sedan that was available between 2005 and 2007.

Ford Focus Sedan

2018-2000 |Compact

The Ford Focus, introduced in 2000, is a subcompact car that replaced the Ford Escort.

Ford Fusion Sedan

2019-2006 |Hybrid, Midsize

The Ford Fusion, a midsize family sedan, was introduced in 2006.

Ford Fusion Energi Sedan

2017-2013 |Hybrid, Midsize

Ford Fusion Hybrid Sedan

2019-2014 |Hybrid, Midsize

Ford Taurus Sedan

2019-2008, 2006-1995 |Midsize

A true blockbuster for the Ford company, the Taurus is still around today and is the fourth oldest nameplate for the company in North America.