Ford SUV Buying Guide

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Ford Bronco SUV

1996-1995 |Utility/Offroad

Ford ran production on the Bronco from 1966 to 1996.

Ford EcoSport SUV

2019 |Utility/Offroad

Ford Edge SUV

2018-2007 |Utility/Offroad

The Edge is a well-designed entry in the popular crossover market.

Ford Escape SUV

2019-2001 |Hybrid, Utility/Offroad

The Ford Escape, a compact four-door SUV, was first introduced in 2001.

Ford Excursion SUV

2005-2000 |Utility/Offroad

The Ford Excursion holds records for excess.

Ford Expedition SUV

2019-1997 |Utility/Offroad

In 1997, Ford introduced the Expedition, a full-size SUV.

Ford Explorer SUV

2019-1995 |Utility/Offroad

Ford Explorer Sport SUV

2003-2001 |Utility/Offroad

Generally speaking, when talking about a motor vehicle, if someone uses phrases like ""hobby-horse ride"" or ""can cause sea sickness"" or ""rocks and sways like a carnival ride,"" it indicates that said vehicle leaves much to be desired.

Ford Flex SUV

2017-2009 |Utility/Offroad

Introduced in 2009, the Ford Flex is a full-size crossover vehicle that provides an alternative to minivans and large SUVs.

Ford Freestyle SUV

2007-2005 |Utility/Offroad

The Ford Freestyle, introduced in 2005, is a crossover vehicle that offers seating for seven and competes among crossovers, wagons, and other SUVs.

Ford Taurus X SUV

2009-2008 |Utility/Offroad

The short-lived Ford Taurus X was an oddity, but hidden gem in the Ford fleet, that was produced between 2005 and 2009.