GMC C3500

The General Motors Corporation is known for building some of the best cars, trucks, and SUVs in the U.S. They have continued this tradition with the GMC C3500 series. These heavy-duty trucks have attractive body styles, durable construction, and incredibly comfortable cabs.

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GMC Origins

It's no secret that the early 1900s saw huge growth in the new automobile industry. Enterprising people and companies all over the world decided to cash in on the public's new found desire for faster and more efficient mobility.Like so many other automotive companies that are well-known today, the General Motors Corporation started this way as well. Founder R.E. Olds started GMC in 1892 from the remnants of his father's industrial and naval engine factory.Originally, the company was known as Olds Motor Vehicle Company and spent its first several years working on concept vehicles before beginning production.

In the years since the company's beginning, a number of different automotive companies have come under the General Motors banner. GM is the parent company of Chevrolet, Saab, Hummer, Saturn, and Buick just to name a few. The massive automotive leader has always tried to maintain a certain level of responsibility to its customers, employees, and industry standards. GMC enjoys a dedicated consumer base. These clients are known for buying only GM vehicles.There are several vehicles that carry the GMC name and logo today, including the popular C3500.

About the GMC C3500

The GMC C3500 series of trucks come in several trim levels, designed to ensure that buyers receive the perfect truck for their needs.GMC has also offered a large variety of paint and upholstery colors for this series, creating greater diversity in the individual consumer's ideal vehicle.

Many people choose the GMC C3500 as a passenger truck, but this monster has other uses as well.It has tremendous towing ability and can be found on farms, construction sites, and in all kinds of services where power and excellent handling are essential.In the commercial world, these trucks often serve as delivery trucks or as hauling vehicles for different types of materials.

As a passenger truck,the GMC C3500 offers a comfortable ride for such a large vehicle and comes in extended cab styles to accommodate additional passengers if necessary.

GMC C3500 Features

The 2012 GMC C3500 is also known as the 3500HD in the Sierra line from General Motors. This truck resembles the attractive body style, power, and towing ability of its earlier incarnations. The truck comes in commercial and passenger models.GMC has decided to offer the C3500 in three distinct trim levels for the 2012 model year.

The WT version of the C3500 provides the base model and still offers plenty of power and options for the buyer.The trucks in this trim level come equipped with 6.0-liter, Vortec V-8 engine.While not exactly known for its fuel economy, this motor is more than adequate to take care of business on the highway, in the city, or even off-road.It's important to note that buyers have the choice to equip their purchases with a larger 6.6-liter, V-8 turbodiesel engine if they prefer. This package comes with a six-speed Allison transmission.

On the SLE model, things are a bit different. This trim level offers all of the power and precision of the WT model with plenty of extras to enjoy.Remote keyless entry, power locks and windows, and power camper mirrors come standard on this model.The cab features a split bench-style cloth front seat with storage compartments underneath.

Finally, in the SLT model, buyers will find plenty of options in the king of the Sierra family. This model comes equipped with all of the fun goodies in the other trim levels and adds Bluetooth capabilities, dual-zone air-conditioning, and 10-way power adjustments for the bucket seats. A Bose sound system is included as well.

GMC C3500 Evolution

The past models of the GMC C3500 trucks resemble the 2012 edition. All of these trucks have been constructed with top-of-the-line engineering and design, with the goal of providing consumers with the type of truck necessary to last many years.Buyers interested in purchasing a used GMC truck, especially one that has been well cared for, are sure to receive a bargain.

The 2011 GMC Sierra C3500HD is almost identical to the 2012 edition and comes equipped with the same powerful engine options and reliable transmission.Consumers will find these trucks a good choice for their towing, hauling, or driving needs. While these trucks don't boast a strong fuel economy, well-maintained trucks use less fuel, and many people find that the uses for the truck outweigh the inconvenience of the extra fuel cost.

Select a GMC C3500 Year

2000 GMC C3500

Truck, Utility/Offroad

Moving into its second decade, the 2000 GMC Sierra C3500 is the two-wheel drive full-size truck (one ton) of the GMC truck lineup.

1999 GMC C3500

Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 1999 GMC C3500 is a good heavy duty or everyday truck.

1998 GMC C3500

Truck, Utility/Offroad

1997 GMC C3500

Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 1997 GMC C3500 trucks have strong engines that provide great hauling and towing capacity.

1996 GMC C3500

Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 1996 GMC C3500 classifies as a pickup truck manufactured by General Motors.

1995 GMC C3500

Truck, Utility/Offroad