GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon is a midsize pickup truck manufactured by General Motors. It was introduced in 2004, and production began in 2005. The vehicle replaced the GMC Sonoma compact pickup. The GMC Canyon was sold along with its counterpart, the Chevrolet Colorado. Another company, Isuzu, also helped design the Canyon and thereafter began selling its own version called the I-Series. Apart from Isuzu, GM operations in Brazil and North America also took part in the design of the GMC Canyon. The car drew heavily from the design of the GMT355; the basis for the GMT 345, and the design inspiration for the Hummer H3.

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GMC Canyon Origins

The GMC Canyon was manufactured in GM plants in Thailand and Louisiana and came in both the automatic and manual-suspension variants. GMC also offered it as a four-wheel drive, or rear-drive, model with four doors standard and extended body styles. A standard 2.8-liter LK5 engine powered most of the Canyon models. However, a more powerful 3.7-liter I5 engine accompanied the Z71 package and the four-door version. The four-door Z71 model also offered a four-speed automatic transmission system as a standard feature, but GMC discontinued it in favor of the LT2 and LT3 models.

The GMC Canyon was also available with a road-tuned 'sport' suspension that sat lower than the standard Z85 version. This version came with 17-inch wheels, low-profile fender flares, and a color-matched grille and bumper. Finally, GMC also offered an Xtreme edition of the GMC Canyon ZQ8, with different rear and front bumpers, side skirts, grille, fender flares, headlights, and 18-inch wheels.

The GMC Canyon continued production from 2004 to 2007 with few or no changes in each model year. However, in the 2007 model year, the Canyon got a facelift and new engine options, including the 2.9-liter LLV 14 and 3.7-liter LLR I5. The vehicle came in three new color choices—Sport Blue, Sonoma Red, and Midnight Blue—along with new wheels and tires. The LT and LTZ models also showed a few changes in the interior and grille. The LS model remained unchanged, but all models received the GM corporate logo on their doors.

In 2009, the GMC Canyon received another facelift and a new engine: the 5.3-liter LH8 V-8. This new engine produced 300 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque. In 2010, the GM badges were removed from the truck, but some models retained the GM logo on their doors. The sales of the GMC Canyon peaked in the U.S. in 2005, with 163,204 units being sold in that year alone. The first generation of the GMC Canyon ended in 2011, making way for a new generation in the 2011, which GMC introduced at the Bangkok Motor Show.

About the GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon provided a perfect example of high-quality truck engineering from GMC. As a midsize, the Canyon did not have as many towing and hauling capabilities as its full-size counterparts. However, the GMC Canyon made up for this shortcoming by offering more in terms of fuel efficiency and maneuverability. The Canyon was easy on the eyes as well, with a square jaw and rugged stance. Safety remained another popular aspect of the GMC Canyon. The car had some of the best crash test scores in its class. It was also one of the few vehicles in its segment that had a powerful V-8 engine. However, the car had not aged very well, and its build quality and interiors seemed sub-par.

GMC Canyons Features

The 2012 GMC Canyon marks the beginning of the second generation of Canyons. It is a practical and decent compact pickup truck that offers great value. This new generation has not received any significant updates since the last major redesign in 2007, but GMC has updated it slightly, making it more rugged. The car looks sharp on the outside, but otherwise remains a sub-par vehicle in terms of the interiors and performance.

The 2012 GMC Canyon comes in the following trim levels: Work Truck, SLT, SLE-1, and SLE-2. The small changes in this generation of the GMC Canyon include the addition of automatic locking rear differential as a standard feature on the crew cab and four-wheel drive models. The car focuses significantly on the light-duty, non-commercial user who needs a basic, utilitarian pickup truck.

GMC Canyon Evolution

GMC launched the first generation GMC Canyon in 2004. It comes with rear-drive or four-wheel drive. The car also offers manual and automatic transmissions and different trim levels.

The GMC Canyon changed a bit in 2005, with significant modifications such as a sunroof, extended-cab models, and a new leather package for the interior.

A new ZQ8-sport suspension became available in 2006, along with new 17-inch wheels and an SLT package for the crew cab and extended versions.

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2019 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

2018 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

2017 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

2016 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

2015 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

2012 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

Bluetooth is now standard on all models. Choose an SLE2 4WD Extended Cab model and you'll a sliding rear window, while an automatic locking differential comes on four-wheel drive and Crew Cab trucks.

2011 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

For 2011 the GMC Canyon is now available with OnStar Gen 9.0, which features a six-month subscription to the service’s Directions and Connections plan. A revised front headrest design has been developed for the Canyon’s seats, there’s a new color choice called Aqua Blue Metallic, and a new chrome package is also available featuring a chrome fuel door and exhaust tip.

2010 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

2009 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 2009 GMC Canyon has one problem; in the flooded truck market, Japanese truck makers such as Toyota rule the landscape.

2008 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 2008 GMC Canyon classifies as a midsize truck for the person who requires a rough and rugged truck and does not need a full-size truck or the added cost that goes with it.

2007 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

2006 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

Slightly larger than the Sonoma truck that it replaced, the 2006 GMC Canyon is bigger than any compact GMC truck built in years.

2005 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

The GMC Canyon is a midsize pickup truck first introduced in 2004 along with its counterpart, the Chevrolet Colorado.

2004 GMC Canyon

Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 2004 GMC Canyon starts new for this model year.