GMC G2500

Like many of the company's products, the GMC G2500 is well known for its solid construction and versatile nature. These full-size vans have been used for a variety of purposes, and GMC offers this line in both passenger and cargo versions.

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GMC Origins

In the early 1890s, along with the rest of the Industrial Revolution, the automotive industry was warming up to become one of the most successful and long-lasting industries in the world. Many enterprising individuals found ways to start car companies that were destined to last a hundred years. R.E. Olds was one of them. In 1892, Olds took over his father's naval and industrial engine plant to create the General Motors Corporation. While it took Olds and his engineers a few years to come up with a design they liked, the wait was worth it, and GMC quickly gained importance in the automotive world.

The General Motors Corporation is alive and well today and has become the parent company of some of the most well-known car manufacturers. With the mergers, GMC acquired a large number of new clients to work with over the years. These mergers also prevented many companies from going under and disappearing from the automobile industry altogether. Such companies as Chevrolet, Saab, Saturn, and Hummer operate under the GMC tradition today. The car and truck lines from these companies are technically considered GMC vehicles, and the GMC logo and name still appears on a number of cars, trucks, and SUVs, including the G2500.

About the GMC G2500

As a passenger van, the G2500 is known for its spacious sitting room and plush seats. Depending on the trim level, buyers have the option of different seat choices, such as captain's chairs or bench seating. Families, churches, schools, and all kinds of organizations use these vans for passenger transportation.

It's impossible to discuss the GMC G2500 van series without mentioning its cargo vans' amazing capacity. The G2500 vans come in at least two different trim levels for the cargo van class for each production year. The extended version is well known in the service, construction, and delivery industries. As an added bonus, customers can also customize the G2500 to meet just about any industry-related need. Most owners are more than happy with the durability and reliability of the G2500, causing them to seek out new or used models.

GMC G2500 Features

The 1998 model year was the last year GMC chose to release a new G2500. Like the years before, the 1998 G2500 comes in a variety of trim levels. GMC offers two passenger styles and two cargo vans.

The Savana passenger van represents the base model. GMC equips this one with a 5.7-liter V-8 engine along with a multi-point fuel-injection system. The exterior of the van offers windows for every row of seating, daytime running lights, and a sleek, well-designed body. The interior features air-conditioning, digital controls, and a clock, as well as 12 full-size seats.

The XT-extended G2500 passenger van has plenty of extras as well. It features many of the same options as the base model but offers improved fuel economy(especially for a vehicle of its size) and additional interior choices.

In the cargo van department, the 1998 G2500 contains a 4.3-liter V-6 engine with cast-iron block and head. It also has a 117-liter fuel tank and a multi-point fuel-injection system. The rear cargo doors open wide to ensure easy loading and unloading during the day.

With the extended cargo G2500, GMC provides all of the comforts of the base model with more space. This model alsooffers more options for the interior of the cabin.

GMC G2500 Evolution

The past versions of the GMC G2500 resemble the final 1998 model in a variety of ways. The past models come in both passenger and cargo designs with a variety of trim levels. These vans are typically popular for resale, especially in cases when the van has been well cared for. It's important to note that while G2500 vans are considered to be reliable, they aren't as fuel efficient as other choices and may be pricey to maintain in terms of part replacement.

Most industry experts suggest that overall the G2500 line offers an excellent choice for a used vehicle. The cargo versions easily adapt to meet any kind of industry service needs and provide plenty of space for tools, equipment, products, and supplies.

On the other hand, the G2500 passenger vans from General Motors are considered good options for buying used as well. As long as the new owner understands the heavy fuel needs of the G2500, it is often a favorite among large families and organizations such as churches and day care centers.

Select a GMC G2500 Year

1998 GMC G2500


The 1998 GMC G2500 is a full-size van manufactured by General Motors under the GMC marquee.

1997 GMC G2500


The 1997 GMC G2500 classifies as a rear-drive cargo or passenger van offered in a variety of models with different engine sizes, either a 135- or 155-inch wheelbase, and a choice of side-entry doors.

1996 GMC G2500


The 1996 GMC G2500 is a passenger/cargo van manufactured by General Motors and is part of the Savana line of full-size vans, which replaces the GMC Vandura G-Series.

1995 GMC G2500


The 1995 GMC G2500 classifies as a full-size van with cargo and passenger options.