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1998 GMC K2500

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1998 GMC K2500 Review

American-made rugged utility.

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The 1998 GMC K2500 is a truck that offers a selection of engines, bed sizes, and possibilities. The K in the name indicates that the truck is a four-wheel-drive model, while the 2500 showcases its size. Otherwise, there are plenty of options to customize the truck to what the buyer wants. They will enjoy the fact that they can alter the engine and bed size to meet their personal needs. This allows them to haul as much as they want and have the features that are most important to them. It helps that this truck is not bad on fuel either. The only real flaw is that it feels like a truck; it offers a rock-solid performance but does not ride like a car.

The Range

Body Styles: regular cab, extended cab
Engines: 4.3-liter V-6, 5.0-liter V-8, 5.7-liter V-8, 7.4-liter V-8
Transmissions: five-speed manual, four-speed automatic
Models: GMC K2500 SL, GMC K2500 SLE, GMC K2500 SLT

What's New

The 1998 GMC K2500 has the same solid performance, standard features, and design as previous years. Although it's slated for more upgrades and redesign in 1999, the few features that are different are mechanical. There were some improvements to the durability of the automatic transmission and enhancements to the four-wheel drive half shafts.


The 1998 GMC K2500 has a solid and rugged appeal that buyers like. The truck bed length differs depending on the model; An option of six and a half feet or eight feet is available. Opting for the shorter bed allows the buyer to choose a sporty package as well. While it's a four-wheel-drive vehicle, it also comes with a variety of engine and transmission choices.


The 1998 GMC K2500 has a straightforward interior like its exterior. The instruments are simple and easy for the driver to use. Everything works as it's supposed to, but there are no outstanding features in the interior. Drivers will find that the storage space is not lacking for smaller objects.

The 1998 GMC K2500 does have a bench seat in the rear, but it is not the most comfortable place to ride. Those taking long trips will feel the effect of riding on the seat, but owners can flip up the seat to add to the storage room inside the cab. There is a third door available on some models that give passengers an easier time reaching the backseat or storing items inside the bed.

Performance & Handling

The 1998 GMC K2500 is a heavy-duty truck, and it handles like one. Those who are expecting a car-like ride will be disappointed in the results. The truck is designed for hauling and work, and it performs those tasks well. It is not the smoothest ride, even for a truck, but it's adequate. A few adjustments to the style of driving, and the speed can easily fix any flaws in the ride quality. Poor ride quality occurs mostly when the bed is empty; however, it is easy to get comfortable in the cabin and enjoy a trip. Drivers will find that the steering is nice, and the overall handling is stable. It is important, however, that buyers not expect the truck to be able to move in and out of tight spaces easily.


The 1998 GMC K2500 comes with standard anti-lock brakes and Next Generation airbags on both sides.

EPA Fuel Economy

GMC K2500: 14/19 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Comfort
  • Good handling
  • Decent fuel economy for a truck
  • Options in engine/bed size

You Won't Like

  • Less than smooth ride

Sum Up

American-made rugged utility.

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