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2000 GMC Savana

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2000 GMC Savana Review

Great cargo or passenger van.

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The 2000 GMC Savana is a large cargo or passenger van. It is the result of a 1996 redesign that saw improved safety features and better drivetrains that were right up there with the competition. In fact, drivers will find little difference between it and the vans offered by Chevrolet. The only complaints we have are with the cheap building materials and mushy brakes and steering.

The Range

Body Styles: Van
Engines: 4.3-liter V-6, 5.7-liter V-8, 7.4-liter V-8, 6.5-liter
Transmissions: four-speed automatic, five-speed manual
Models: GMC Savana G1500, GMC Savana G1500 SLE, GMC Savana G2500, GMC Savana G3500, GMC Savana 2500 SLE, GMC Savana G3500 SLE

What's New

The 2000 GMC Savana receives a few new features. The van has a bigger and better selection of power trains available, as well as improved trailer ratings. Seat-mounted tethers are available for child seating for the first time. A rear window defogger is also available for the first time.


The 2000 GMC Savana comes in one of two wheelbases. The regular wheelbase measures 135 inches, while extended wheelbases measure in at 155 inches. The standard vehicle measures 219 inches overall, while the extended wheelbase measures 239 inches. The rear doors swing out to 180 degrees, allowing easy load-in and load-out. A passenger side sliding door is also available as a no-cost option. However, a driver side sliding door is not available.


The 2000 GMC Savana is incredibly spacious. Even the regular-sized passenger models come equipped with space for eight passengers, boasting two front bucket seats, and two three-passenger benches in the middle and rear of the vehicle. Optional benches that seat five are also available, increasing the capacity of passengers to 12. On extended models, seating for 12 and 15 are optional. The short wheelbase models have 267 cubic feet of cargo area, while the extended version has a whopping 317 cubic feet. Features inside are at a minimum. One of the most disappointing aspects is the interior build quality. There are tons of cheap plastic materials throughout, giving it a cheap and brittle look. This is especially discouraging for a working vehicle. Standard features inside the base model include bucket seats, an AM/FM audio system, air-conditioning, power steering, and vinyl seating.

Performance & Handling

The 2000 GMC Savana comes equipped with one of several engine types. The base engine is a 4.3-liter V-6 that produces 200 horsepower. Step up to the 5.0-liter, V-8 engine, and consumers receive 220 horsepower. The 5.7-liter, V-8 engine produces 255 horsepower. This engine is standard on the extended wheelbase models. A 7.4-liter, V-8 engine is available on heavy duty three-quarter and one-ton models. A diesel, 6.5-liter engine that produces 195 horsepower is also available. The base 4.3-liter V-6 received tweaking this year and now runs quieter than ever before. A new catalytic converter and muffler keep all the engines within California Emission Standards. All engines come equipped with a heavy-duty 4L80-E four-speed automatic transmission. Sometimes driving it can feel like trying to navigate a cargo boat through the eye of a needle. Numb steering doesn’t help this at all. Sitting in the driver’s seat makes drivers feel disengaged from the road. Even worse, it has mushy brakes. Nothing is quite as scary as trying to stop a three-quarter ton vehicle when the brakes feel unresponsive. However, this isn’t a sport’s car; it’s a practical vehicle.


The 2000 GMC Savana comes equipped with four-wheel anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights, and driver and passenger airbags. The NHTSA did not perform crash tests. The IIHS didn’t perform crash tests either.

EPA Fuel Economy

GMC Savana 1500/2500, 4.3-liter cargo four-speed automatic: 13/17 mpg city/highway
GMC Savana 1500/2500, 5.0-liter cargo four-speed automatic: 13/17 mpg city/highway
GMC Savana 1500/2500, 5.7-liter cargo four-speed automatic: 12/16 mpg city/highway
GMC Savana 1500/2500, 4.3-liter passenger four-speed automatic: 13/16 mpg city/highway
GMC Savana 1500/2500, 5.0-liter passenger four-speed automatic: 13/16 mpg city/highway
GMC Savana 1500/2500, 5.7-liter passenger four-speed automatic: 12/17 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Great architecture
  • Powerful V-8 engines
  • Large interior

You Won't Like

  • Cheap interior materials
  • Brakes need work
  • Unresponsive steering

Sum Up

Great cargo or passenger van.

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