GMC Savana

The General Motors Corporation has a habit of keeping things the same when a design works, and the GMC Savana van series certainly lives up to that reputation. The Savana was originally known as the Rally wagon and received a name change in the mid-1990s. Since the very beginning of production, these vans have earned a reputation for durability and reliability.

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GMC Origins

In terms of business and industry, there were few more exciting times than the early 1900s. All over the world, technical advances made product manufacturing easier and more precise. This is certainly true for the newly discovered automotive industry. Engineers, businessmen, and forward-thinking people chose to get involved. That was the case for R.E. Olds, who had the brilliant idea to take over his father's naval and industrial plant and convert it to car-manufacturing facility. The company that would later become General Motors Corporation opened its doors in 1892. It took Olds and his team a few years to design the right car for their clients, but after that, the business boomed.

General Motors Corporation, or GMC, has enjoyed a great deal of success since the early days. Over the years, GMC has become parent company to many of the industry's brightest manufacturers: Such notable vehicle manufacturers as Saab, Chevrolet, and Saturn make up the GMC team.

Of course, General Motors still produces several lines of cars, trucks, and vans under its original name and logo. The popular Savana series offers one example of GMC keeping up with the trends and demands of the public.

About the GMC Savana

In addition to their reputation for good workmanship, these vans also gain recognition for their sturdy framework. GMC has created a van that is easily customized for a wide variety of different uses. Some buyers choose to leave the Savana as it is, while others make modifications for special uses such as construction, delivery, or service needs. Naturally, the necessary modifications can be made by GMC when special ordered, or the buyer can choose to have the work done offsite.

The GMC Savana van series offers a good choice for large families that are unable to fit into the more popular minivan or SUV models. These vans are also popularly used as fleet vehicles and with churches or other organizations that need to move large numbers of people or cargo from one point to another.

GMC Savana Features

General Motors has chosen to release a new model of the Savana in the 2012 model year. Much like its earlier incarnations, the 2012 model has all of the space, features, and dependability GMC fans expect. In order to haul the weight of a full-size conversion van, GMC has equipped the model with plenty of power under the hood. Buyers will discover a more than adequate 5.3-liter V-8 available standard on the smaller models. The larger trim models offer larger engine choices with the six-liter V-8 and the turbodiesel 6.6-liter V-8 engines being incredibly popular.

Again, much like previous years' models, the 2012 Savana van series isn't necessarily the prettiest girl in the room. Depending on the trim level, these vans seat anywhere between eight and 15 people rather comfortably. Buyers will also find many options when it comes to color choices for the upholstery and carpet. On the plus side, the interior offers sufficient ergonomics for the driver. Controls are easy to access and intuitive, making driving this mammoth much simpler. Overall, the Savana makes a great, reliable full-size van choice to meet consumer's needs.

GMC Savana Evolution

The GMC Savana has been manufactured for many years under various names. The past versions of the Savana are good, solid vans and very popular options in the used-vehicle market. For the most part, GMC opts to keep the Savana much the same as it has always been, with some noted changes in the powertrain beginning in 1996. In that model year, the decision was made to upgrade the Savana series vans a bit. Later, in 2003, General Motors really went all out and began offering powerhouse engines such as the 5.3-liter V-8 and the 6.0-liter V-8 as options.

While the strong engines and options are enough to tempt any van enthusiast to the past editions of the Savana, it does have other features going for it besides its motor. These vans handle unbelievably well for such large vehicles. Of course, drivers can't expect the precision of a sports car, but they do well in their class. Fuel economy presents something of a challenge, but GMC also offers some of the previous models with a diesel V-8 engine. The diesel option does reduce some of the fuel costs.

Select a GMC Savana Year

2017 GMC Savana


2016 GMC Savana


2015 GMC Savana


2014 GMC Savana


2013 GMC Savana


The 2013 GMC Savana offers room for 15 and all cargo needs.

2012 GMC Savana


The 5.3-liter V-8 has received a slight boost to 310 horsepower, and all engines are E85 capable. The 2500 and 3500 models now feature GM's six-speed Hydra-Matic transmission as standard equipment, and the vans have been revised to help improve torque and mileage.

2011 GMC Savana


The 2011 GMC Savana is a full-size van available in one-half ton, three-quarter ton, and one ton models.

2010 GMC Savana


Both of the Savana’s V-8 engines are now E85 capable, and the 5.3-liter V-8 has received a slight boost to 310 horsepower. The 2500 and 3500 models now feature GM’s six-speed Hydra-Matic transmission as standard equipment and their axle ratios have been revised to help improve low end torque and achieve slightly better highway mpg. A remote start option was also recently added to the option mix.

2009 GMC Savana


The Savana is the true workhorse in the GMC lineup.

2008 GMC Savana


The 2008 GMC Savana classifies as a full-size van with useful interior space and an admirable array of powerful engines superior to most comparable vans.

2007 GMC Savana


2006 GMC Savana


2005 GMC Savana


The GMC Savana is a full-size passenger or cargo van.

2004 GMC Savana


The 2004 GMC Savana serves as a full-size passenger van with lots of dependable features.

2003 GMC Savana


The 2003 GMC Savana is a far cry from its predecessors.

2002 GMC Savana


The 2002 GMC Savana continues with a model launched in 1996 for the full-size van market.

2001 GMC Savana


The 2001 GMC Savana comes with a standard 4.

2000 GMC Savana


The 2000 GMC Savana is a large cargo or passenger van.

1999 GMC Savana


The 1999 GMC Savana is a full-sized van manufactured by General Motors.