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1998 GMC Sonoma

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1998 GMC Sonoma Review

A work truck with style.

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The 1998 GMC Sonoma takes a practical truck and adds style and sportiness. With an availability of three wheelbases, two cabs, two beds, three trims, two engines, and two transmissions, it makes it easy to have the ideal truck that would fit the consumer's individual needs. It combines a lighter and sportier feel than the average heavy-duty hauler, while still performing its truck duties such as hauling cargo quite well. However, that doesn't mean that practicality does not show.

The Range

Body Styles: regular cab, extended cab
Engines: 4.3-liter V-6, 2.2-liter four-cylinder
Transmissions: five-speed manual, four-speed automatic
Models: GMC Sonoma

What's New

The 1998 GMC Sonoma receives a sportier look that appears more upscale than it once was. Improvements are made to the seats and some safety features are added. Towing capacity increased and nicer audio systems are added. Overall, the changes are impressive and add to its the appeal.


The 1998 GMC Sonoma has the appearance of a truck with the sportiness not found in many similar vehicles. It offers a sleek look and a powerful set of engine choices. There are two different cabs to select from and two different truck beds to choose from as well. The bumpers on the rear have a new center cutout. There are two engine choices and the option of a manual or automatic transmission. The fuel economy rivals a small car, but it will not be too heavy a drain on the wallet either.


The 1998 GMC Sonoma offers comfort and appeal that anyone would want. The cabin is spacious and plush with plenty of creature comforts to allow one to ride in style, regardless of how far the trip may be. The controls are designed with the driver in mind and are positioned for easy access and use. The only downside inside the cab is the fact that much of the dashboard is covered in cheap and outdated plastic. There is a side-access panel on the rear of the extended cab models so that passengers and cargo can easily reach the backseat, though that's not to say the rear is comfortable. It has fold-out jump seats that serve well for short jaunts and light passengers, but it would not be ideal for lengthy trips or larger passengers.

Performance & Handling

The 1998 GMC Sonoma has a powerful performance that allows it to cover the duties of a truck well, making it energetic and easy to handle. There is a choice of two engines and two transmissions with the V-6 options giving it the most get up and go. Furthermore, four-wheel-drive models are available that allow for easy access on virtually any terrain.


The 1998 GMC Sonoma offers second-generation airbags on both sides and there are anti-lock brakes available as a standard feature. A passenger side airbag cutoff is standard, but placement and usability leave a lot to be desired.

EPA Fuel Economy

GMC Sonoma 16/21 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Sporty design
  • Low price
  • Plenty of options
  • Two engine choices
  • Four-wheel drive option

You Won't Like

  • Placement of airbag cutoff
  • Passenger leg space

Sum Up

A work truck with style.

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