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2007 Honda CR-V

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2007 Honda CR-V Review

A refined, practical, and reliable choice that will not disappoint.

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The Honda CR-V is a Japanese compact crossover SUV that arrived in 1996 and holds the honor of being the first in-house produced SUV. Initially arriving in the U.S. in 1997, its sales rose steadily over the years, enjoying some its largest numbers in North America in 2010.

Many SUV lines have a tendency to grow larger as it shifts between redesigns, but not the CR-V. It's remained the same size for one major reason: 60 percent of its target customer base is women, and while a massive SUV might appeal more to men, smaller vehicles are generally more in-line with what women prefer. The 2007 Honda CR-V strikes a good middle-ground in the compact arena.

The Range

Body Styles: SUV
Engines: 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder
Transmissions: five-speed automatic
Models: Honda CR-V LX, Honda CR-V EX, Honda CR-V EX-L

What's New

For 2007, Honda redesigned the CR-V completely, receiving a new body and chassis and giving 10 more hp units under the hood with more ample seating capacity and expanded standard safety equipment across trims.


In its third generation, the 2007 Honda CR-V received an extensive exterior re-design. Lower, wider, and slightly smaller with the elimination of the spare wheel attached to its backside, which added some minor length to the vehicle. The tire has been moved to the underside of the rear cargo area instead; this also made room to put in a new rear lift gate. It also turned a bit more stylish this time around, doing away with the blandness that characterized the two previous generations as fashion takes the place of practicality. An elliptically-shaped side design extends to a front-end composed of slash-cut headlights and a much more inclined slender windshield.


While the removal of the rear tire shortened the CR-V’s length, adding some style to its exterior, it had a so-so effect on the interior in terms of space with rear seat leg room declining only about an inch. The 2007 Honda CR-V was also made wider, which improved passenger hip space, bolstering the comfort of seats. There’s also plenty of interior storage areas scattered around as well, and the rear cargo area is nothing to scoff at either as the minimum area is more than generous at 35 cubic feet. Dropping the rear seats balloons to almost 73 cubic feet. A whole host of interior amenities are also available across trims such as a moonroof, six-speaker stereo system, heated exterior mirrors, leather seating, DVD navigation system, Satellite radio, backup camera, and a PC card reader.

Performance & Handling

One engine runs all three trims of the 2007 Honda CR-V, the 2.4-liter inline four that’s good for 166 hp and 161 lb-ft of torque. There was a five-speed automatic transmission available on previous CR-V models, but Honda dropped that since stick-shifts were not very popular with this model. Overall, the 2007 Honda CR-V performs well but not exceedingly in terms of engine power and braking distance. The comfortable cabin, insulated nicely from outside noise, provides a nice relaxing road experience with the CR-V taking corners well: balanced, crisp, and pleasant sum it up nicely.


All the expected safety features abound across the three trims of the 2007 Honda CR-V: four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, brake assist, stability control, front/rear height adjustable headrests, and front/side airbags. The rear end camera and navigation system comes only on the high-end EX-L model, but there’s a parking sensor option for the other two trims.

EPA Fuel Economy

Honda CR-V, 2WD, 2.4-liter: 23/30 mpg city/highway
Honda CR-V, 4WD, 2.4-liter: 22/28 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Handles well
  • Nice, spacious interior
  • Plenty of features
  • Comfortable, quiet ride

You Won't Like

  • Weak engine when passing
  • Overly-practical

Sum Up

A refined, practical, and reliable choice that will not disappoint.

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