2009 Honda S2000

  • 2009 Honda S2000 Base Roadster

    Base Roadster

    • MAX MPG
    • SEATS
    • ENGINE
      2.2L I4
    • MSRP
  • 2009 Honda S2000 CR Roadster

    CR Roadster

    • MAX MPG
    • SEATS
    • ENGINE
      2.2L I4
    • MSRP
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2009 Honda S2000 Review

A high-performance roadster with power at a reasonable price.

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Driving does not have to be another chore. While the standard function of vehicles is to get a person from one place to another, some types of specialized automobiles are actually created to make the act of driving fun. High performance driving machines are generally referred to as roadsters. Even though some roadsters are basically made to be small luxury convertibles with all sorts of modern conveniences and options, the true performance-based roadsters, like the 2009 Honda S2000, are the best vehicle for a nonstop thrill ride when on the road.

The S2000 allows for tons of excitement for anyone behind the wheel. As with all roadsters, the S2000 keeps weight to a minimum through its very small size. The integration of a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine, matched with a manual six-speed transmission, allows for high power. The 2009 model is basically unchanged from its 2008 predecessor, but one less year under its belt allows the 2009 to generally have less mileage and less wear and tear.

The Range

Body style: Roadster convertible
Engines: 2.2-liter 4-cylinder
Transmissions: six-speed manual
Models: Honda S2000 (base) and Honda S2000 Club Racer (CR)

What's New

The 2009 S2000 model is pretty much a carryover of the 2008 model and options. Since keeping the overall weight as low as possible is at the heart of the S2000 design, the options within the car are relatively limited. Despite the fact that modern amenities are unavailable, such as a navigation system and Bluetooth, there are still several perky and nifty features in terms of performance and a sleek look. The compact two-seat S2000 roadster is available in two versions during 2009, the base model and the Club Racer, which just goes by its initials, CR. Both are created for high-performance excitement, but it is the CR that is made for occasional racetrack driving.


The very sleek and stylish look of the 2009 S2000 embraces the classic and smooth curves of the best roadsters. This traditional appearance has not really changed since the debut model of the vehicle in 2000. Even though some people might be unnerved by the fact a 2009 Honda S2000 looks very much like the 2000 model that goes for half the price, the true roadster fans understand that the reason for the unchanging nature of the original exterior design is because the style is close to aerodynamic perfection. Since aerodynamic performance is very important for the S2000, it is worth noting that the CR version added special spoilers to help with extra speed despite the fact that they can look rather unsightly. Also, while the base S2000 comes standard with a power convertible soft top, or the option of a removable hardtop, the CR model is only available with the removable aluminum hardtop.


The interior characteristics of the 2009 Honda S2000 tend to fall in the sporty end of the spectrum since only the most vital of accessories are included in the vehicle. All of the vital controls can be found very close to the driver's fingertips, no matter which model you choose. Air-conditioning, CD player, and full-power accessories are standard in the base S2000. Leather upholstery is also included in the base model.

The CR model has several different interior traits since it is aimed specifically at the die-hard racetrack enthusiasts. Air-conditioning, the sound system, and even sound insulation are removed in the process of reducing weight. Rather than leather upholstery, the CR features fabric seats with suede inserts that are available in black or yellow.

Performance & Handling

Both models of the 2009 Honda S2000 are powered by a 2.2-liter VTEC four-cylinder engine. This specialized engine actually produces 237 horsepower in addition to 162 lb-ft of torque. The expansive power is relayed to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission.


The 2009 Honda S2000 comes with electronic stability control, four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, and traction control. The roadster also features several crash-related safety features such as dual front airbags and side-impact door beams. Additionally, the S2000 has a tire pressure monitor and daytime running lights which are standard.

EPA Fuel Economy

2009 Honda S2000: 18/25 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Racing power
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Handling

You Won't Like

  • Fuel economy
  • Lack of amenities
  • Low interior comfort

Sum Up

A high-performance roadster with power at a reasonable price.

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