2009 HUMMER H2

  • 2009 HUMMER H2 Base Sport Utility

    Base Sport Utility

    • MAX MPG
    • SEATS
    • ENGINE
      6.2L V8
    • MSRP
  • 2009 HUMMER H2 SUT Crew Cab Pickup

    SUT Crew Cab Pickup

    • MAX MPG
    • SEATS
    • ENGINE
      6.2L V8
    • MSRP
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2009 HUMMER H2 Review

If you like spending a lot of money at the gas-pump, and don’t mind the social stigmatization required to own one of these vehicles, go right on ahead.

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There was a time when driving a Hummer was seen as a status symbol; owning a Hummer meant you were powerful and had money to burn. By 2009 the Hummer was seeing its fortunes turn. The Hummer as gas-guzzler was the image burned into the psyche of the public.

Some things can’t be denied. The Hummer H2 had superior off-road abilities. Unlike its predecessors, the H2 also had a lush interior.

No changes to the Hummer could stop its slow crawl towards obscurity. This was the final year for the H2.

The Hummer was a full-size luxury SUV. Three H2 models were available: the base H2, the H2 Adventure, the H2 Luxury.

The Range

Body Styles: full-size luxury SUV
Engines: 6.2-liter, V-8 engine
Transmissions: six-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift control
Models: the base H2, the H2 Adventure, the H2 Luxury

What's New

New interior flare was added this year:

  • Captain’s seating was available on all the trim lines for the first time.
  • Third-row seat storage was made available for extra cargo space.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • OnStar integration
  • Navigation system
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Heated power-tile steering
  • A standalone rearview camera
  • The Black Chrome model was also introduced in 2009.


The Hummer has a very distinctive body design. Originally modeled after military vehicles, the Hummer has evolved into a suburban version full of flashy chrome, sharp angles, and testosterone-fueled gusto. You either love it or hate it.

A Black Chrome model was available in the 2009 model year. These are rare to find since only 1,300 were made. All the bright chrome trim was replaced with blackened chrome, and the wheel flares were matched with the body color, a Sedona Metallic body color with a matching interior.


The interior has improved greatly since the Hummer was first introduced. Once a barebones affair, the Hummer H2 is all plush surfaces that give gently to the touch. Hard plastics don’t even make a cameo in the H2.

The H2 can handle four to seven passengers due to the new captain’s chairs. The second row is really comfortable as well with dual climate controls, and the optional DVD entertainment system. Rear legroom can be a bit cramped for taller passengers. Also, the 86.6 cubic feet of storage space is a bit smaller than other SUVs on the market.

The base H2 came standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control system, a rear climate control system, leather seats, power seats for the driver and passenger as well as memory settings, heated front and second-row seating, remote engine start, OnStar equipment, Bluetooth connectivity, eight-speaker Bose audio system with a six-CD changer, satellite radio, and an auxiliary jack for your personal music playing devices. This is just the base model.

The H2 Adventure includes everything that the base H2 has to offer but adds off-road equipment such as a front brush guard, a self-leveling rear suspension system, a first aid kit for patching up on the road, a portable lamp, and Hummer branded tool kit.

The H2 Luxury is for those who use their Hummer to impress rather than as a utility vehicle. The Luxury adds a lot of extra features including 20-inch chrome wheels, chrome wheels, third-row seating for extra passengers, an upgraded Bose audio system, a navigation system that provides real time traffic updates, a rearview camera, and a rear seat DVD system. Most of these features are available as a la carte items.

Performance & Handling

The Hummer H2 has a 6.2-liter V-8 engine that produces 393 horsepower with 415 pound-feet of torque. The engine is controlled by a six-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift control. Four-wheel drive is the only option. The H2 has a dual transfer case for off-road driving situations as well as electronically controlled throttle calibration for low gear situations, and a driver controlled rear differential locking device.

The Hummer H2 really excels when it is off-road. Steep angles of approach as well as bumpy surfaces are no match for the H2. On the road the Hummer H2 is a bit of a disappointment. The handling is a bit awkward. Acceleration is pretty good however considering the size of the vehicle.


The H2 is fitted with antilock brakes, stability control, rollover prevention, traction control, and full-length curtain airbags. OnStar also provides on the road services.

EPA Fuel Economy

The EPA does not rate gas mileage for vehicles of this weight class. Make no mistakes; the H2 does not get good gas mileage

You'll Like

  • The luxury feel of the vehicle is incredible.
  • You won’t find many SUVs that provide the features available on the base H2 model.
  • The V-8 engine is powerful and the H2 is a king off-road.

You Won't Like

  • The high price of the H2 is breathtaking.
  • Visibility while driving is a bit crummy.
  • Gas mileage is terrible.

Sum Up

If you like spending a lot of money at the gas-pump, and don’t mind the social stigmatization required to own one of these vehicles, go right on ahead.

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