Infiniti G20

The Infiniti G20 is a compact executive car that was first introduced back in the early 1990s. The G20 is essentially a Japanese-market Nissan Primera rebadged and rebranded as entry-level luxury sedan for the U.S. market. The G20 sold reasonably well for a time before Nissan ultimately chose to discontinue the line in 2002.

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About the Infiniti G20

The Infiniti G20 marks one of the upscale Japanese automaker’s first forays into the value-oriented luxury car market. The brand markets the model to 20 and 30-somethings that aren’t quite ready to splash the cash out for a Lexus or a BMW. As an entry-level luxury sedan, the G20 provides a generous array of standard features, a reasonable performance, and the reliability of a Nissan. But while the ambitious Infiniti G20 attempts to provide drivers with performance, luxury, and convenience at a reasonable price, the car is, to an extent, a victim of its own versatility. In the end, the G20 never succeeded at reaching a remarkable level of luxury, affordability, or high performance. Nonetheless, second hand models remain reasonable options for anyone looking for a previously owned compact executive car.

Infiniti G20 Features

For its final production model year, the Infiniti G20 came with an optional Sports package, which adds a body-color grille, dark tint headlight trim, and 16-inch alloy wheels.

The 2002 G20 contains a 2.0-liter DOHC engine that produces 145 horsepower. When matched with the manual transmission that comes standard with the car, the engine offers reasonably good performance and powerful acceleration. However, the introduction of an optional four-speed automatic has a depletive effect on the car’s performance and power. Yet the 2002 G20 provides excellent handling, stemming from a sport-tuned suspension and a communicative engine speed-sensitive steering system. The 2002 G20 also comes equipped with four-wheel disc brakes that can quickly stop the vehicle.

Although the 2002 G20 classifies as an entry-level luxury sedan, it provides a generous array of standard features. These include side-impact airbags, imitation wood cabin trim, keyless entry, a Vehicle Immobilizer System, power accessories, and a Bose sound system with a dash-mounted CD player. Additional options include a Leather package and a Sunroof package, both of which also come with automatic climate control and a power driver seat. Opting for the Sport, Leather, or Sunroof packages also allows for the option of heated seats.

The 2002 Infiniti G20 offers a decent amount of interior space. The car seats four adults, although legroom in the backseat is somewhat limited. However, on the whole, the car’s interior offers a well-designed, sturdy build. Gauges on the dash are labeled clearly and the controls ergonomically situated.

Infiniti G20 Evolution

While reviews indicate that the Infiniti G20 offers reasonable amounts of drivability, performance, and luxury, its price tag makes it rather a dubious prospect. However, now that the line has been discontinued for more than a decade, the G20 provides a more reasonable option.

The Infiniti G20 was first introduced in 1991. Infiniti continued to produce the vehicle with minor changes until a two-year hiatus, which began in 1996. Infiniti reintroduced the G20 in 1999. The reintroduction of the G20 hoped to revise the fortunes of the Infiniti vehicle lineup.

Like early models, the 1999 G20 is based on the Nissan Primera, a compact sedan that Nissan produced for the European and Japanese markets. However, the 1999 G20 boasts an increased wheelbase that provides more room for passengers and cargo.

The 2000 model shows various mechanical improvements including a boost in horsepower. Transmission options expand to offer either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic. Standard features on the 2000 Infiniti G20 include a power trunk release, power windows, a sunroof, simulated wood grain interior, cruise control, and a graphite-colored instrument panel. Additional options for the 2000 model year include an In-Vehicle Communication System, a power sunroof, heated seats, and a leather/convenience package.

The penultimate version of the Infiniti G20 was introduced in 2001. That year Infiniti made the G20 in two different versions: Luxury and Touring. The Luxury edition boasts such features as side-impact airbags, imitation wood cabin trim, keyless entry, power accessories, and a 100-watt Bose sound system. The Touring edition offers the addition of automatic climate control, limited slip differential, fog lamps, a rear spoiler, and tires geared towards more aggressive handling. The Touring model, also known as the G20t, features leather seats and a power sunroof, as well. Incidentally, both options are available for the Luxury edition and bundle into packages that have automatic climate control. Heated seats are also available for either model.

Select an Infiniti G20 Year

2002 Infiniti G20

Midsize, Sedan

The 2002 Infiniti G20 has hopes of gaining popularity in the U.

2001 Infiniti G20

Midsize, Sedan

The 2001 Infiniti G20 provides the entry-level luxury sedan for Infiniti and makes a good first luxury sedan for those looking for comfort and performance on a budget.

2000 Infiniti G20

Midsize, Sedan

The Infiniti G20 was actually dropped from the production lineup of the luxury brand of Nissan back in 1996.

1999 Infiniti G20

Midsize, Sedan

The 1999 Infiniti G20 was reintroduced to the market after being taken off the market in 1996, leaving Infiniti with a short lineup to offer.

1996 Infiniti G20

Midsize, Sedan

A small, affordable luxury sedan, the 1996 Infiniti G20 is an entry-level vehicle in its line of high-end automobiles.

1995 Infiniti G20

Midsize, Sedan

The 1995 Infiniti G20 is an extremely reliable sedan.