Infiniti Luxury Car Buying Guide

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Infiniti G25

2012-2011 | Sedan

The Infiniti G25 serves as the American version of the Nissan Skyline 250GT.

Infiniti G35

2008-2003 | Coupe, Sedan

Released in 2003, the Infiniti G35 helped the brand establish a positive reputation and move into profits after struggling for some time.

Infiniti G37

2013-2009 | Convertible, Coupe, Sedan

The Infiniti G37 is a rear drive drive model that comes as a sedan, a convertible, or a coupe.

Infiniti I35

2004-2002 | Sedan

The Infiniti I30, a luxury performance sedan priced in the middle of the Infiniti sedan lineup, became the I35 in 2002.

Infiniti J30

1997-1995 | Sedan

The Infiniti J30 is a four-door luxury sedan that was introduced in 1993 and discontinued just four years later.

Infiniti M35

2010-2006 | Sedan

The Infiniti M35 debuted in 2006 and lasted until 2010.

Infiniti M35h

2013-2012 | Sedan

First introduced in the spring of 2012, the Infiniti M35h is a hybrid version of the Infiniti M midsize luxury sedan.

Infiniti M37

2013-2011 | Sedan

The Infiniti M37 is a mid-luxury sedan, manufactured, and sold under the Infiniti luxury brand of Nissan Motors.

Infiniti M45

2010-2006, 2004-2003 | Sedan

Aside from an unrelated platform with the ‘M’ designation in the early 1990s, the Infiniti M45 represents the start of Infiniti’s higher end midsize luxury performance sedans.

Infiniti M56

2013-2011 | Sedan

A midsize luxury sedan, the Infiniti M56 is a relatively new model that was first introduced in 2011.

Infiniti Q40

2015 | Sedan

Infiniti Q45

2005-1995 | Sedan

The Infiniti Q45 is a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by Nissan Motors under its Infiniti brand from 1990 to 2006.

Infiniti Q50

2019-2014 | Sedan

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid

2017-2014 | Sedan

Infiniti Q70

2017-2014 | Sedan

Infiniti Q70 Hybrid

2016-2014 | Sedan