2009 Infiniti M35

  • 2009 Infiniti M35 Base Sedan

    Base Sedan

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    • ENGINE
      3.5L V6
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2009 Infiniti M35 Review

Highly-rated, safe sedan that has both style and sport.

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The 2009 Infiniti M35 serves as a midsize option for the Infiniti family. It has a V-6 engine and combines levels of sport and luxury into this sedan. With technology upgrades, and a sleek interior design, it is both a functional and stable automobile for those looking for a reliable car without the price tag of more luxurious models.

The flash of the 2009 Infiniti M35 is not like that of other mid-sized sedans. The outer look appears more standard; however, the upgrades available to this vehicle make it a desire for many techies on the road. It is pre-wired for both phone and Bluetooth and has many upgrade options for both safety and entertainment. Included in these packages is an in-seat entertainment system that may be purchased for an additional cost.

The Range

Body Styles: sedan
Engines: 3.5-liter V-6 engine
Transmissions: seven-speed automatic transmission
Models: Infiniti M35, Infiniti M35x

What's New

The increase in power is what makes the 2009 Infiniti M35 different from past members of the series. Still with the V-6 engine, there have been some upgrades to this model which increase its on road potential and firepower. With a new seven-speed automatic transmission available on rear models, the 2009 Infiniti M35 is assuredly an upgrade from previous years. Also included in the 2009 Infiniti M35 is more styling options. Unlike the 2008 model, this model comes equipped with new styling options for the interior panels as well as more decoration on the external rear. Technological upgrades are available on the 2009 Infiniti M35 which was not offered before. These options come at an additional price.


The 2009 Infiniti M35 comes equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels. Included also is a steel spare which is mounted inside. There is a chrome grille and a power glass sunroof that has a remote operator. Intermittent wipers and rear defogger as well as cargo tie downs also come equipped on the 2009 Infiniti M35.

The 2009 Infiniti M35 stands at a height of roughly 60 inches with a width of 71 inches. Ground clearance is at 5.1 inches, which provides a relatively low riding sedan. The external body is available in eight relatively muted colors and the interior options are even less.


The cabin of the 2009 Infiniti M35 does not leave much lacking. The interior design has both leather and wood detailing that creates a luxurious appeal. The seats are supported and reinforced for a more stable and enjoyable commute. Four adults can sit in the vehicle comfortably and the 2009 Infiniti M35 has enough legroom to do so with ease. If the sporting package is opted into then the seating becomes more aggressively designed and has a unique interior trim.

Performance & Handling

The 2009 Infiniti M35 has a V-6 engine, which provides enough power for the average user. Outside noise is blocked out relatively easily by the 2009 Infiniti M35, but when compared with other luxury sedans, there may be something lacking. If power is the ultimate goal this engine may fall short when again it is compared with other Infinities like the M45 with its V-8 engine.

The 2009 Infiniti MS35 has a 20-gallon tank that is recommended to take premium unleaded fuel. The base engine has 303 horsepower and a 24-valve engine with variable valve timing. Suspension in the 2009 Infiniti M35 is double wish bone front suspension with four-wheel independent as well. There is both a front and rear stabilizing bar.


The 2009 Infiniti M35 has many standard features that make it a safe and drivable sedan. There are front head restraints as well as stability and traction control. Anti-lock disc brakes are equipped with brake assist and both front-seat side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags are installed. For more money, safety features can be enhanced. Technology enhancements include system alerts for lane drifting and crash protection through warning and automatic tightening of the seat belts.

EPA Fuel Economy

Infiniti M35:17/25 mpg city/highway
Infiniti M35x:16/22 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • The comfortable ride
  • Roomy interior
  • Sleek design
  • Optional safety features and high safety rating
  • Technology upgrade availability

You Won't Like

  • The engine power
  • The price of safety upgrades
  • The V-6 engine for those who want more power
  • The price of the vehicle for its look

Sum Up

Highly-rated, safe sedan that has both style and sport.

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