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2000 Isuzu Amigo

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2000 Isuzu Amigo Review

Good blend of swagger and raw power.

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The 2000 Amigo is the most stylish sport utility vehicle offering in the Isuzu lineup. It is basically the two-door, smaller sibling of the Isuzu Rodeo. It shares the same platform and uses similar powertrains and components. Aside from having the sporty looks, the Amigo comes with very competitive pricing compared to its small SUV counterparts.

The Range

Body Styles: SUV
Engines: 2.2-liter four-cylinder, 3.2-liter V-6
Transmissions: five-speed manual, four-speed automatic
Models: Isuzu Amigo S

What's New

The 2000 Isuzu Amigo comes with a restyled front fascia. The manufacturer also introduced new colors for this model year, while offering the Ironman package that fits it with Intelligent Suspension Control.


The 2000 Isuzu Amigo is offered as a two-door model. The hard-top model looks more expensive and practical than the soft-top version, but the hard top has better visibility through its glass windows, better protection against the elements, better soundproofing, and better security for valuables. Plus, the hard-top version comes with a heated back window. The good architecture of the roof sets this SUV apart from its boxy counterparts from other brands. The roof also blends well with the sporty design where the wheel wells house 16-inch wheels. An option to add gray fender flares and fascia is available.

The 2000 Isuzu Amigo's hard top version also has two moon roofs. The one in front can be tilted or removed. The rear also can be removed to allow the breeze to come in. The alternative comes with an easy-to-use soft top that can be removed by releasing a pair of clamps inside, unzipping the windows, and snapping some locks. The windows also can be replaced when lost or scratched out, and the front and rear fascia is updated. Its hood slopes down from the windshield and ends with an egg-crate grille. The manufacturer also added fog lamps and new taillights.


The 2000 Isuzu Amigo's interior has a basic appearance that was designed for functionality. The dashboard and the center console follow the usual layout. The four-wheel-drive shifter on the floor easily is reachable by the driver. The seats have some room for improvement in terms of support and adjustments. A noticeable problem is with the steering wheel, which is not well aligned with the seat of the driver. The backseat can accommodate three adults and can be folded down to get a maximum cargo room of 62 cubic feet. Access to the rear cabin is tight and difficult with the narrow passage when the front seat is tilted forward.

Performance & Handling

The 2000 Isuzu Amigo's standard engine is a 2.2-liter four-cylinder that gives out 130 horsepower, linked to a five-speed manual transmission. There also is the more potent V-6 engine that is capable of giving out 205 horses. This power plant can be coupled with either a five-speed gearbox or a four-speed automatic transmission. The handling is very responsive and predictable, and the ride retains a part of its truck heritage with its ladder-type frame, live rear axle, and coil spring suspension at the back. The ride is a bit bouncy though when the rear tires hit a big bump on the road. Other SUVs in the market may have a smoother ride but it won’t be able to match the same off-road capabilities.

The 2000 Isuzu Amigo is quite a pleasure to drive on the smooth highways and exciting on mountain trails. The gears shift smoothly, and the steering also is commendable for being very precise making it easier to navigate through crowded streets. The versions that come with automatic transmission easily can be shifted to the four-wheel drive without a hassle; the driver just needs to press a button located on the dashboard. It comes with disc brakes on all four corners. For the two-wheel drive variants, the rear wheels are paired with drum brakes. The torque of the V-6 has enough punch to handle the tough terrains. It easily can handle deep ruts and big rocks when the four-wheel-drive system is engaged.


The 2000 Isuzu Amigo comes standard with front airbags for the driver and passenger. It also has an anti-lock brake system in place. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated it with a ""poor"" score for overall frontal safety. The bumpers and head restraint also were tagged as ""poor.""

EPA Fuel Economy

Isuzu Amigo, four-cylinder 2.2-liter five-speed: 18/21 mpg city/highway
Isuzu Amigo, six-cylinder 3.2-liter four-speed: 14/18 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Sporty styling
  • Powerful V-6

You Won't Like

  • Engine noise
  • Cramped interior
  • Harsh suspension

Sum Up

Good blend of swagger and raw power.

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