Isuzu I-350

Isuzu was a dying brand in the U.S., known in Japan for its pickup trucks. While Isuzu was desperate to finally break through the U.S. marketplace, the beleaguered company teamed up with General Motors to produce a pickup that was suitable for an American audience. The i-series was the product of the collaboration. The i-350, released in 2006, ran for one year before being replaced by the i-370.

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Isuzu i-350 Origins

The i-350 was based on the GM Colorado model, even through the vehicle came before. Some mechanics are shared because of the collaboration, but the i-350 is, in many respects, its own vehicle.

Unfortunately, i-350’s unique advantages pale in comparison to what other manufacturers were producing at the same period. The i-350 was one of the last vehicle models offered by Isuzu before it pulled out of the American market in 2008.

The Isuzu i-350 is known as a bare-bones work vehicle that provides some power and very little luxury.

About the Isuzu i-350

The Isuzu i-350 was available in one trim line, the LS. It was available with a 3.5-liter engine that produced 220 horsepower at 5600 rpm, and 225 lb-ft of torque. The curb weight of the vehicle was 3802 pounds, meaning the vehicle could tow 4000 pounds and carry a payload of 1190 pounds when properly equipped. A four-speed automatic controls the truck. The bed on the i-350 was one foot smaller than on the i-280, which was a bit frustrating for those wanting to haul more of a payload using the powerful engine of the i-350.

The i-350 was only available in four-wheel drive. The suspension was a definite plus in the trucks design. Short- and long-arm suspension was placed in the front and an independent suspension was placed in the back. This gave the i-350 a smooth, controlled ride on- and off-road.

The i-350 added a bunch of safety features to the i-series line. Four-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS) were introduced to the i-350 before it became standard on all i-series vehicles in the following year. An anti-theft system was installed standard, and dusk-sensing headlamps, fog lamps, auto on/off lamps, and daytime running lights were all standard. Front- and rear-head airbags were installed as well, a big improvement over the airbags available in the other i-series vehicles of the time.

The exterior of the i-350 closely resembled the exterior of the GM Colorado, although the grill was slightly different. Chrome-finish bumpers, 15-inch painted alloy wheels, and skid plates were fairly standard on all pickups at the time. Nothing luxurious was offered at all.

The i-350 did add some interior comforts that raised it above the other pickups in the i-series. The i-350 made cruise control standard, front seatback storage, remote power locks, power mirrors, and one-touch power windows. The rear seats on the i-350 had a bit more room than the other models, too. The rear seats had a split-folding back, which gave the consumer extra cargo room, if necessary. The driver’s seat had an adjustable lumbar support and instead of the bench seat of the i-280, bucket seats were standard and lined with cloth instead of vinyl.

Isuzu i-350 Evolution

Interior options on the i-280 were standard on the i-350. An AM/FM single-disc CD player with MP3 playback ability was standard and six speakers were installed with speed-sensitive volume control. Air-conditioning and leather steering wheel were standard, and a cargo light supplemented reading for passengers.

Like most Isuzu pickups from this period, the vehicle is somewhat rare. The pickup handles well on and off the road, and the controls are simple enough to use. The fuel economy is rated at 16/21 mpg city/highway. The i-350 is also a safe vehicle, offering driver and passenger airbags as well as curtain airbags. Unfortunately, the low-end torque is a bit weak in comparison to other vehicles from the same time period. Most vehicles of the period had a V-6 or V-8 option for those interested in towing larger loads. This is sadly absent from the i-350. The build of the car is a bit boring as well; although based on other GM models, the Isuzu lacks all the refinement of a GM vehicle from the same period. Customizable options were sparse, making the i-350 a bit of a one-trick pony. The interior lacks any kind of luxury. Even a working vehicle needs some pizzazz.

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2006 Isuzu I-350

Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 2006 Isuzu i-350 is a midsize pickup truck that is part of the i-Series manufactured by General Motors.