Jaguar Sedan Buying Guide

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Jaguar S-Type Sedan

2008-2000 |Luxury

The Jaguar S-Type is an executive midsize luxury car that was produced from 1998 to 2008.

Jaguar XE Sedan

2019-2017 |Luxury

Jaguar XF Sedan

2019-2017, 2015-2009 |Luxury

The Jaguar XF is a midsize luxury sedan that was designed as a successor to the Jaguar S-Type, which the brand discontinued in 2008.

Jaguar XJ Sedan

2019-2017 |Luxury

Jaguar XJ12 Sedan

1996-1995 |Luxury

The Jaguar XJ12 is a luxury saloon car that the manufacturer produced from 1972 to 1992.

Jaguar XJ6 Sedan

1997-1995 |Luxury

At the time of its introduction, the Jaguar XJ6 was considered to be the pinnacle of automotive engineering and a status symbol.

Jaguar XJ8 Sedan

2001-1998 |Luxury

The Jaguar XJ8 is a luxury sedan that Jaguar manufactured from 1997 through 2009.

Jaguar XJR Sedan

2001-1995 |Luxury

Over the years, the Jaguar XJR has been modified along with changing road regulations.

Jaguar XJ-Series Sedan

2016-2011, 2009-2002 |Luxury

The Jaguar XJ-Series is a complete series of luxury sedans produced and sold by British car manufacturer Jaguar. Jaguar introduced the first car in the XJ-Series in 1968.

Jaguar X-Type Sedan

2008-2002 |Luxury

The Jaguar X-Type is a compact, entry-level luxury sedan that was in production from 2001 to 2009.