2003 Lamborghini Murcielago

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      6.2L V12
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2003 Lamborghini Murcielago Review

Flashy, sporty elegance for the rich.

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The 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago is a dream car. Not only does it have style to kill, it also boasts an incredibly fast engine that practically sets the road on fire. According to Lamborghini, the Murcielago shoots out of the gate, going zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The top speed for the vehicle reaches 230 mph. This sports car does not suit the faint of heart or those with lax reflexes. Unfortunately, this year doesn’t yet offer the paddle shift for the amazing six-speed manual, making the vehicle a little harder to control than its later incarnations.

As long as you have the money to pay for the car, as well as the gas (only eight mpg in the city), go out and get one now.

The Range

Body Styles: sports car
Engines: 6.2-liter V-12
Transmissions: six-speed manual
Models: Lamborghini Murcielago

What's New

The 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago remains relatively unchanged for its second year of production.


If people get excited about one thing other than the engine, it’s the appearance of the 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago. There is a hypnotic angular look to the vehicle, but on closer inspection, all these angles turn out to be curves. It has a wedge-based profile however, which may turn some drivers off. However, this wedge shape keeps the vehicle very aerodynamic. The body work of the vehicle, except for the steel roof and doors, uses carbon-fiber to keep the weight down. Weight distribution falls 42-percent in the front and 58-percent in the back, where the engine lives, to keep the vehicle aerodynamic. The wheels measures wider at the back as well to keep stability under control.

Air intakes look classy and function on the vehicle, and the rear spoiler moves into three different positions depending on the driving style.


The interior of the 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago marks one of the few real problems with the vehicle. Expect minimal space. This isn’t exactly a family vehicle. Taller drivers find themselves getting cramped. Anyone well over six-feet may as well look elsewhere. The side-bolstered seats feel uncomfortable, but they give you a lot of support.

Buyers have their choice of leather color combinations, something that should be chosen with care. The vehicle has only two seats, and a bad color choice can ruin the entire feel. The driver sits in front of a three-spoke steering wheel wrapped in leather. The doors of the Lamborghini Murcielago stretch wider than the Lamborghini Diablo, and the chassis sits lower, so getting in and out of the vehicle seem like a breeze.

Performance & Handling

The Murcielago comes equipped with a 6.2-liter, V-12 engine that produces 571 horsepower. The engine pairs with a six-speed manual transmission that sits ahead of the engine. The vehicle comes equipped with permanent four-wheel drive that uses a central viscous coupling to keep everything stable. A drive-by-wire electric throttle allows for advanced precision.

Driving the 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago offers everything you’d hope for and dream of from a super vehicle. When on the freeway, the Lamborghini Murcielago keeps to the road nicely, even with cold tires. When heated, it grips heavily. However, terrifying over-revving sometimes occurs, causing your heart to skip a beat. You’d think with this type of power the engine would roar all the time, but when stopped at a light and idling, the Lamborghini Murcielago purrs like a kitten.

Visibility looks surprisingly good, although the A-pillars cause some trouble. The controls seem pretty straightforward. The seats keep you firmly seated when tearing around corners. You might find the six-speed manual a bit stubborn at times, but keep with it.


The 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago has not been tested by the NHTSA or IIHS. Vehicles of this caliber rarely get tested, usually because much of the safety features required by law do not apply to super sport vehicles.

The Murcielago includes four-wheel anti-lock brakes, front and rear ventilated disc brakes, xenon high-intensity discharge lamps, two front headrests, front seat belt pretensioners, traction control, electronic brakeforce distribution, and self-leveling headlights.

EPA Fuel Economy

Lamborghini Murcielago: 8/12 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Amazing power
  • Flashy styling
  • The thrill of owning a Lamborghini

You Won't Like

  • Cramped interior
  • Minimal cockpit
  • Gas mileage

Sum Up

Flashy, sporty elegance for the rich.

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