2005 Maybach 62

  • 2005 Maybach 62 Base Sedan

    Base Sedan

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      5.5L V12
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2005 Maybach 62 Review

The definition of a super-luxury vehicle.

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Even against other luxury vehicles, Maybach cars seem expensive. Only a small group of drivers can afford this luxury manufacturer. As one of the most luxurious vehicles on the market, the 2005 Maybach 62 earns value for its exclusivity and prestige, as well as its performance.

The Maybach 62 provides the larger of the two models available. The extended cab on this sedan makes for one of the largest vehicle interiors on the market. Unlike many sedans, the rear passengers get a large amount of room. It offers great rear-seat accommodations because most drivers who can afford to purchase a 62 can also afford to hire a driver, so it assumes that the owner sits in the back of the vehicle. Swathed in almost every luxury feature a person could think of, the Maybach 62 provides one of the best-equipped luxury vehicles, not just in its price range, but at any price.

Each Maybach 62 comes built to order and arrives five months after it purchase. This makes it a rarity in addition to the high price. Therefore, finding a used model seems unlikely. Few Maybach owners sell their vehicles, even if they do replace it with a newer one. For a driver who can afford the high cost, it makes one of the best options available at any price.

The Range

Body Styles: sedan
Engines: 5.5-liter twelve-cylinder
Transmissions: seven-speed automatic
Models: Maybach 62

What's New

The 2005 Maybach 62 marks the second year of the model. Not surprisingly, there have been few alterations to the original design introduced the previous year. The only major addition includes the new optional Business Package, which offers a wireless router and a color printer as standard equipment.


The Maybach 62 sedan measures 242.5 inches in total length, making it larger than most competitors. The large interior is very noticeable, giving the Maybach 62 a slightly stretched appearance. With just a couple more inches the 2005 Maybach 62 could pass for a limousine. Alloy wheels, a chrome grille, and a close attention to detail give the 62 an elegant appearance that looks impressive, even in the luxury sedan market. Standard features include heated power mirrors and one-touch power windows. The rear roof can be replaced with panoramic, electrotransparent glass that alters the amount of light that passes through it.


Large and spacious, the 2005 Maybach 62 feels comfortable with almost every luxury feature available. Charcoal filters, heated leather seats, leather and wood trim, a cooler, four-zone climate control, a heated leather steering wheel, and an electrochromatic rear-view mirror all come standard. The entertainment system included in the Maybach 62 seems better than most home systems, with two CD players, a DVD player, separate front and rear audio, 21 Bose speakers, and a subwoofer installed. The features round out with a voice-controlled DVD-based navigation system, a voice-activated phone, and built-in satellite telecommunications service.

Performance & Handling

The performance and handling of the Maybach 62 seem excellent, particularly surprising since it remains larger and heavier than many other vehicles. Most similarly sized vehicles experience performance hits, which the 62 blissfully ignores. The turbocharged 5.5-liter, twelve-cylinder engine provides 550 horsepower, more than double what many vehicles provide. The 2005 Maybach 62 can go from zero to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. The 62 also handles very well, even outperforming many smaller vehicles. Outside the similarly equipped, but slightly smaller Maybach 57, few vehicles match the performance of the 62.


The 2005 Maybach 62 comes fully loaded with almost every safety feature. Maybach adds dual front and side airbags, four-wheel anti-lock brakes, emergency braking assist, an engine immobilizer, electronic brake force distribution, stability control, and traction control as standard features. In addition, the Maybach 62 weighs in at 6000 pounds, which helps slightly in the event of a crash.

EPA Fuel Economy

Maybach 62: 11/16 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Luxury
  • Powerful twelve-cylinder engine
  • Smooth ride
  • Excellent performance

You Won't Like

  • Expensive, even by luxury sedan standards
  • Terrible fuel economy
  • Constructed on demand

Sum Up

The definition of a super-luxury vehicle.

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