Mazda B-4000

1995 witnessed the introduction of the Mazda B-4000 series pickup truck, the first vehicle from Mazda that featured a driver airbag as well as an anti-lock braking system. In the following year, passenger airbags were added to the upper trims. The five-speed automatic transmission version made its debut in 1997. The revamped look for the B-4000 was unveiled in 1998 and included fresh styling, a stronger 2.5-liter engine, as well as a revised front suspension to ensure better handling dynamics and a better ride. The Mazda B-4000 offered a good combination of configuration options and attractive styling. The downsides included limited functionality with regard to the pickup’s rear seats.

Prior to 1994, the B-Series range of pickups came equipped with a four-cylinder engine. The five-speed manual was standard, while the four-speed automatic was optional.

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About the Mazda B-4000

The Mazda B-4000 scores well on the safety quotient. While the anti-lock brake is standard in all variants, other modern safety features like the side-curtain airbags and stability control aren’t available in all models. In government crash tests, however, the B-4000 performed well, receiving five stars for driver safety and four stars for passenger front-impact crash tests. In the side-impact tests, the B-4000 scored five out of five for its standard variant, and four out of five for its extended cab variant. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Mazda B-4000 an ‘acceptable’ rating of four stars, the second highest score following the front-offset impact tests.

Mazda B-4000 Features

It’s said that some things improve with age. However, that is not the case with the Mazda B-4000. In 2008, this compact pickup was subject to minimal changes, considering it made its debut in 1995. That being said, it is not a bad truck. The Mazda B-4000 is tough, nimble, and a true-blue compact pickup. While most competitors abandoned the compact pickup truck race long ago, the Mazda B-4000 can still be spotted in several places. Its smaller dimensions are best for tackling a narrow trail, slicing through city traffic, or parking in a congested area. Though its chassis is old, it is still rugged, and the vehicle is ideal for those who want a no-frills workhorse. Outdoor enthusiasts who want to indulge in some off-road activity can consider purchasing the Mazda B-4000.

The Mazda B-4000 falls short in passenger and load-carrying capacities and modern conveyance. While several other models have a crew-cab body style, the B-4000 doesn’t have one. Other trucks have a better engine. For those whose expectations of a compact pickup truck are minimal (don’t need a roomy cabin, a brawny towing capacity, or a navigation system) the 2008 Mazda B-4000 works out just fine.

The 2008 Mazda B-4000 is available in two body styles: the extended cab that has a pair of small doors for accessing the rear compartment, and the more basic regular cab. As mentioned above, no crew-cab style is offered. The B-4000 comes only in the four-wheel-drive variant with the extended cab. The standard equipment comprises of a sliding back window, FM/AM stereo, 16-inch steel wheels, and air-conditioning. The Mazda B-4000 SE variant has skid plates, fog lights, 16-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, upgraded upholstery, and a bed liner.

The B-4000 is equipped with a 4.0-liter V-6 engine that has 238 lb-ft of torque and can generate 207 hp. A five-speed manual transmission system is standard in the basic model, while the B-4000 SE is available with a five-speed automatic transmission system. The automatic system, however, is optional in all trim levels. The pickup boasts an impressive tow rating of 5580 pounds.

Despite the relatively low hp rating, the 4.0-liter V-6 engine generates decent acceleration for its class. Additionally, the five-speed automatic transmission does a fine job in making good use of the available power. All versions of the Mazda B-4000 are easy to maneuver due to their small size. The underpinnings and the basic platform, however, are old-school, which results in a harsh ride over uneven surfaces. The Mazda B-4000 is a sturdy off-road performer, but the lack of any optional off-road package means that hardcore trailblazers would have to scour the aftermarket to outfit it properly.

Mazda B-4000 Evolution

The 2006 Mazda B-4000 is available either as a regular two-door cab or an extended four-door cab. The vehicle is further broken down to three basic trims: Base, Dual Sport, and SE. The base models are available in two-door or extended cab variants, with either a two- or four-wheel-drive. Standard equipment includes sliding rear windows, FM/AM stereo, a tachometer, and 15-inch wheels. Sixteen-inch wheels are available on four-wheel drive models. The standard raised suspension gives the Dual Sports version the look of a four-wheel drive pickup.

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