1997 Mercury Cougar

  • 1997 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Coupe

    XR-7 Coupe

    • MAX MPG
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    • ENGINE
      3.8L V6
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1997 Mercury Cougar Review

A sporty coupe with power and grace.

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The 1997 Mercury Cougar serves as a powerful two-door coupe with rear drive and an independent suspension. The Cougar offers high performance for far less than roadsters traditionally command. The eight-cylinder option noticeably boosts the acceleration and top speed over that of the standard six-cylinder engine.

However, despite the emphasis on performance, the Mercury Cougar still manages to be a very practical vehicle. The body styling looks conservative, allowing it to avoid appearing out of place almost anywhere. In addition, the interior seems large, allowing five passengers to comfortably fit inside, despite the normal issues most coupes face in that regard.

The Mercury Cougar offers a fun drive that does not require giving up standard amenities or comforts. The reasonable price tag also makes it more attainable than many other performance-oriented vehicles.

The Range

Body Styles: coupe
Engines: 3.8-liter six-cylinder, 4.6-liter eight-cylinder
Transmissions: four-speed automatic
Models: Mercury Cougar XR7

What's New

The 1997 Mercury Cougar shows little change from previous models, but it comes with an anniversary edition option that includes special badges.


The Mercury Cougar classifies as a two-door coupe with a conservative body design. Measuring in at 199.9 inches long, the 1997 Mercury Cougar reaches closer to the size of a sedan than most coupes. Power mirrors come standard on the Cougar. A rear spoiler, a luggage rack, keyless entry, a power moonroof, and alloy wheels provide optional equipment to enhance the already comfortable Cougar.


The 1997 Mercury Cougar comes equipped with leather seats, air-conditioning, and a cassette player as standard equipment. Bucket seats, a premium audio system, automatic climate control, auto-dimming mirrors, power seats, a CD player, remote truck release, and a leather steering wheel all remain available as optional features.

The Mercury Cougar’s spacious interior accommodates up to five occupants comfortably, making it more practical than most coupes on the market.

Performance & Handling

The Mercury Cougar offers excellent acceleration with both engine options. The maneuverability and performance look similarly good across the board. The 1997 Mercury Cougar outperforms most vehicles on the market; although most roadsters, which usually come at a steeper price than the Cougar, can outrun and out-drive it.


The 1997 Mercury Cougar comes equipped with dual front airbags. Still, overall, the Cougar’s fast acceleration and good maneuverability save it from more accidents than anything else.

EPA Fuel Economy

Mercury Cougar 3.8-liter six-cylinder: 16/24 mpg city/highway
Mercury Cougar 4.6-liter eight-cylinder: 15/23 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Excellent performance
  • High-quality build
  • Comfortable seating for five

You Won't Like

  • Almost identical to the Ford Thunderbird
  • Strange options tacked onto packages

Sum Up

A sporty coupe with power and grace.

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