Mercury Midsize Car Buying Guide

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Mercury Grand Marquis

2011-1995 | Sedan

From 1983 until Mercury’s demise in 2010, the Mercury Grand Marquis was a full-size sedan that served as the company’s flagship car.

Mercury Marauder

2004-2003 | Sedan

Mercury Milan

2011-2006 | Sedan

In 2005, Mercury rolled out one of its more successful cars, the midsize four-door sedan Mercury Milan.

Mercury Montego

2007-2005 | Sedan

The Mercury Montego was introduced in the late-1960s and was a replacement for the popular Mercury Comet.

Mercury Mystique

2000-1995 | Sedan

Mercury Sable

2009-2008, 2005-1995 | Sedan, Wagon

The Mercury Sable was launched as a midsize sedan in 1986 by the Ford Motor Company.

Mercury Tracer

1999-1995 | Sedan, Wagon

The 1970s was arguably the Mercury line’s most challenging decade since the automotive manufacturer rolled its first car off the Ford assembly line back in 1939.