MINI Cooper Countryman

Launched in 2010, the MINI Cooper Countryman provided drivers with a choice between two versions: the base model and S model. Both versions are five-door hatchbacks that can seat four passengers, but they have different engines and also different trim levels. Two-wheel drive is standard for both versions, but drivers who choose the MINI Cooper S Countryman can choose a vehicle that has the new MINI ALL4 all-wheel-drive system installed. It provides improved steering and stability, as well as traction when the MINI Cooper S Countryman is taken off road. It will also provide additional traction and handling when road conditions change or deteriorate during driving.

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About the MINI Cooper Countryman

BMW planned on extending the MINI line and has done so by adding the Clubman first and now the Countryman. Future plans are in the works for other models to join the line. The concept of the MINI Cooper Countryman was to take the extended MINI Cooper Clubman and lift the suspension, increase the wheelbase, and provide more interior room to create a crossover SUV. Due to the retro styling, excellent fuel economy, and sporty handling, MINI Coopers have been popular since they were re-launched by BMW. Adding the MINI Cooper Countryman will introduce the style and performance of the MINI Cooper to a wider audience, as the increased interior room will allow for more passengers to travel comfortably.

The MINI Cooper Countryman is also loaded with safety features. The Dynamic Stability Control system uses sensors to determine the path of the vehicle and maintains the car’s direction through the use of brake pressure and adjusting the torque of the engine. Anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, and cornering brake control come standard in both the base and S versions to enhance performance. Inside the vehicle, seven airbags are found in the front and along the sides. Xenon headlights are available as an option. These headlights are equipped with an automatic leveling system that adjusts the angles of the headlights based on the speed of the car, as well as the load that is being carried within and how it’s dispersed.

MINI Cooper Countryman Features

Both the base model and the S model MINI Cooper Countryman are fitted with a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine, but the engine in the S model is a turbocharged version. As such, the engine in the base model has a power rating of 120 horsepower, while the engine in the S version produces 181 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque. The standard transmission is a six-speed manual transmission with a six-speed automatic transmission available as an option. The automatic transmission comes equipped with a sport mode. Drivers can manually shift through the gears using either the gear stick or optional paddles mounted on the steering wheel.

Inside the MINI Cooper Countryman, four can sit comfortably in the four bucket seats. The rear seats can be moved up to five inches back and forth to provide additional room for passengers or for storing cargo. Although room for passengers increased within the MINI Cooper Countryman, that doesn’t mean a loss of cargo space. The longer wheelbase and increased width means that the cargo area at the back of the vehicle has also been increased from the Clubman. Also, the Countryman’s increased size means that there are four full-size doors for passengers to use as well as a hatch for accessing the cargo area at the rear. The floor in the rear can be lifted up to provide a deeper well for storage, as well as a way to separate the passenger area from the cargo area.

A center rail storage system runs from the front to the back and can be completely customized due to a range of clip-in accessories. Storage boxes, cup holders, iPod cradles, glasses cases, and arm rests can be added and removed to suit the driver’s needs. As well as coming equipped with a one year subscription to Sirius XM satellite radio, the MINI Cooper Countryman is also fitted with HD radio technology. Buyers can also upgrade to a 10-speaker Harman Kardon sound system.

MINI Cooper Countryman Evolution

The MINI Cooper Countryman was launched in 2010 at the Geneva Motor Show as the latest vehicle to be added to the MINI model line. It is a crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV) and the first of its type to be launched by BMW under the MINI nameplate. When sales of the new vehicle began in fall 2011, it was the first MINI vehicle that had four full-size doors and came equipped with all-wheel drive.

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2016 MINI Cooper Countryman

Compact, Hatchback

2015 MINI Cooper Countryman

Compact, Hatchback

2014 MINI Cooper Countryman

Compact, Hatchback

2013 MINI Cooper Countryman

Compact, Hatchback

2012 MINI Cooper Countryman

Compact, Hatchback

Now in its second model year, the Mini Countryman receives little in the way of new equipment. However, the Countryman does receive a new customization package called Mini Yours, where owners can select custom colors, materials, and trim on the car.

2011 MINI Cooper Countryman

Compact, Hatchback