Best Car Paint Colors to Buy
Car colors are usually a matter of personal taste, and normally that is how people decide on the color of their car. Color selection is probably the most stress free part of choosing a car since most of the time it happens to be the only pa...

Best Car Paint Colors to Buy

Resell Value
While car colors may not affect the upfront cost, it can affect your cars' resell value many years down the line. A used car in an eye sore color can be worth several hundred dollars less than a different colored car of the same model. Green Honda Civics from the mid 90's experienced a sharper drop in resale value compared to other cars of the same model in different colors.
Wear and Tear Visibility
Black cars look good when they're brand spanking new, clean and shiny. Minor abrasions, scratches and dirt also happen to be the most visible against a coat of black paint. This can affect the resale value of the car if the paint job has not been properly cared for with consistent wash and wax. White or silver cars on the other hand hide their blemishes well.
Metallic Colors
While dealers may not charge you extra for a particular color, replacing a body part of your metallic colored car can be more expensive. Metallic paints are harder to mix right, and more expensive to produce. This translates into an increase in costs if you ever need bodywork done. Insurance companies are quite aware of this, and you may see a higher premium if you own a metallic colored car.
Silver is Popular
In recent times, silver was the most popular color for several years with a solid resell value. As a result, there will be more silver colored cars on the road for the next few years due to many years of popularity. Lighter or reflective colored cars are also known to be cooler after being parked out in the sun for prolonged periods of time compared to black cars. There are many different brands of paint used for cars. Custom car painting has gradually gained popularity in recent years. A few notable car paint brands include: Dupont, Sikkens, Sherwin Williams, PPG, Diamont, RM, and House of Kolors. Opinions on which brands are superior seem to differ. They all have their pros and cons and it really comes down to a matter of preference.
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