Improving Gas Mileage: Reality and Myths

Gas Mileage Improvement Myths
Gadgets and Fuel Cleaners Many magnetic trinkets, mystery fluids and gadget add-ons have been introduced throughout the years claiming to improve gas mileage. We don't know what world they live in, or what science applies to them, but various sources have tested the validity of these claims extensively over the years. The general consensus is that none of them work, and a few of them might be harmful to your engine. Besides, if they all worked as claimed, your car would be running on miracle juice. Hyper-Inflated Tires There is some logic to this, and it might hold true if you're only doing city driving. However, it's unlikely you will see significant gas mileage improvement on the freeway with over-inflated tires. And don't forget the resulting wear and tear on your tires as a result of hyper-inflation. Less Air Conditioning There are some claims about opening windows at lower speeds but using air conditioning at higher improving gas mileage. The bottom line is there are no measurable differences in gas mileage either way. You may as well be comfortable.
Real Gas Mileage Improvement Tips
Properly Inflated Tires This can improve your gas mileage considerably, and is one of the easiest things to do. Reduces wear on the tires too. Keep It Maintained and Tuned Clean spark plugs with accurate spark timing can go a long way in improving gas mileage. Synthetic or better quality engine oil helps, and don't forget to change your air filters. Use Recommended Octane Fuel Higher octane does not, by default, equate better gas mileage. If your car is recommended to use normal, then use normal; if its recommendation is premium, then use premium. Moderate Driving If you enjoy putting the pedal to the metal, then your wallet is going to bite the bullet. You can attain up to a 30 percent improvement in gas mileage by driving moderately instead of listening to your inner, speed-lusting, puberty child. Travel Optimization This should be obvious, but just in case it isn't: A good way to improve gas mileage is to combine multiple trips into one. You don't really want to be making extra trips to and from home if you don't have to. Reduce Weight Lose all the extra baggage that you might be carrying around in the trunk or the backseat. This might be incentive to shed a few pounds as well. Reduce Drag Take off those bike or luggage racks. They make your car ugly anyways. Idling A big gas waster. If you're going to be idling for more than a minute, it's probably better to simply shut down the engine. Do this at your own peril at red lights. You might get honked at. Buy a Fuel Efficient Car Duh. Although unless you actually need a new car, it will take years of fuel savings to make up the difference from what it will cost you to purchase, say, a hybrid.
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