Saving Gas

Fuel Efficiency
Perhaps the most obvious gas saving method, but not the most financially realistic, would be to drive a fuel efficient car. This won't necessarily save you money, but it will cut down the amount of gas you consume. Hybrids and fuel sipping mini cars get more miles to the gallon, but bear in mind that the difference in the cost of the car will take years of driving to break even.
Carpooling is another great method to save gas. If no one in your community travels the same route you do to get to work, the Internet can once again save the day. Websites like eRideShare (, and Carshare ( offer free networking based on your commuter needs. You can arrange to meet people who travel along similar routes and share a car to save gas!
The Cheapest Gas Around
If your goal is to save money by saving on gas, then where you gas up becomes important. As many people are aware, gas prices vary from station to station. It would be wise to research which gas stations offer cheaper prices beforehand. You can find a detailed listing of all the gas stations in the United States online through GasBuddy ( Nonetheless, it should be noted that driving out of your way to a gas station that is a few cents cheaper will not actually save you money. You should plot your gas trips around the cheapest gas stations along your itinerary.
Moderate Driving
Adapting your personal driving habits can be a pain, but it is often a severely underestimated means of saving gas. This, unfortunately, means no pedal to the metal accelerating, no road raging, and no street racing. Building more speed in a shorter frame of time will burn gas like its nothing; and, as much as this might frustrate you, traveling at the speed limit provides greater efficiency. Cruise control is another oft seen tip for saving gas; by reducing human inaccuracies, cruise control smoothes out acceleration which saves gas (this is not recommended for mountainous areas).
Tire Inflation
Properly inflated tires will deliver gas savings, or so experts swear. However, the amount of savings delivered varies by the car you drive, and the types of tires you use. Modest differences have been recorded, though there have been claims of monumental savings. Either way, this is a good idea as properly inflated tires increases your driving safety and reduces unnecessary wear.
Don't idle for longer than you have to. If you find yourself in a position where you're unlikely to move for minutes at a time, then simply shutting down your engine can make a big difference.
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