Updated: 10 Most Fuel Efficient Three-Row Crossovers

By Jacob Brown | March 21, 2012
Every generation seems to have a car or segment that defines it: from the Model T eventually on through to muscle cars, from the emergence and growth of the Japanese titans to the bloated and trendy SUVs of the late 90s and first half of the 2000s, among many. As America is developing an ever growing appetite for hybrids and CAFE standard happy econo-cars, there is a large segment of car owners that have a pressing dilemma: they've gotten used to the comfort and convenience a large SUV provides, but the relatively poor fuel economy generally associated with the bulky behemoths has shoppers worried. Fear not, dear parent or person in need of ample seating and abundant cargo, Automotive.com brings you: The 10 Most Fuel Efficient Three-Row Crossovers. Impressively, there are offerings from ten different automakers—including a tie on our number 10 spot— on our top ten list, hailing from three different countries. Smaller CUVs and full-size SUVs are both represented, along with a couple hybrid models, while only one automaker struck gold twice. You can check out our comprehensive list of the 10 most fuel efficient three-row crossovers.