2014 Infiniti Recalled for Direct Adaptive Steering Failure

By Jacob Brown | December 16, 2013
While 23 cars doesn't seem like a whole lot, it can be when you're dealing with all-new technology. Or so Infiniti is finding out. The automaker is just recalled a scant number of 2014 Infiniti Q50 models equipped with Direct Adaptive Steering, a new steering system that's completely by-wire. What does that mean? It means that what you're doing with a steering wheel never actually touches a shaft that moves the steering wheel. It's the first of its kind on a production car, and it isn't coming without some issues here and there. The Direct Adaptive Steering system is supposed to have a steering shaft that automatically deploys when it senses a loss of power steering. But in some cold-weather climates, the emergency steering shaft isn't budging, causing a complete loss of steering. That, in turn, can lead to an accident.
As a result, Infiniti is recalling the 23 Q50 sports sedans to upgrade the software that deploys the emergency steering shaft. The automaker says it will give customers loaners free of charge until their vehicles are ready to be picked up. Anyone with further questions regarding the recall can contact Infiniti at (800) 662-6200 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Admininstration at (888) 327-4236, referencing campaign number 13V588000. Source: NHTSA