Editors Pick Our Reasonable 2013 Christmas Wishlist

December 24, 2013
In case you couldn't tell, your humble editors all love cars. We're fanatics, and we happily provide you with anything you could ever want regarding the mainstream car market. If ever you're looking for something from us that we've not yet covered or need advice, we're happy to provide it here, here, and here. We like offering up our advice to help your wishlist become reality. But sometimes, we have our own desires. Since we're in the Christmas spirit, we've compiled a list of reasonable vehicles that fall into the mainstream market that we'd love Santa to bring on his merry sleigh. Mind you, moving thousands of pounds of metal on a levitating sleigh might be tough, but if anyone can do it, it'd be Santa. Below, our editors have put together some words to explain what they'd ask Jolly Saint Nick, if they're being wholly reasonable. Happy Holidays!

Matthew Askari -- 2016 Volkswagen GTD

At we've driven a host of practical cars, and some appeal to us individually more than others; I drive a MKIV Volkswagen Golf, so getting the opportunity to drive a European-spec Volkswagen GTD in Germany this past summer was pretty special. While the "diesel GTI" doesn’t have an official arrival date in the U.S., it's likely we'll see the sporty, fuel-efficient Golf sometime in 2015 as a 2016 model. Shifting through six buttery gears with a well-weighted clutch hits the sweet spot, and the range--once confirmed in the U.S.--is sure to impress. Slotting somewhere between the VW GTI and VW Golf R, the GTD should be priced starting under $30,000, making it accessible and a true consideration as well.

Jacob Brown -- 2014 Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S

Call me a man of simple tastes, but I probably wouldn't get a new car, even if I were in the market. I have two very distinct directions in which my next car will go: lightweight sports coupe from the 1970s like a BMW 2002 or Datsun 510 or a modern, lightweight roadster that won't kill me immediately if ever I were to get into an accident. The chief unifier of the two is that I want something small and fun to drive. If I were to go for something that's sporty and lightweight and won't kill me if I were to get in an accident, perhaps the best compromise between modern safety and an old soul would come by way of a Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ. With few exceptions, I can't think of a thing I would change about either of them.

Kelly Pleskot -- 2014 Range Rover Evoque

Who doesn't want a Range Rover this winter to conquer snowy roads or drive to holiday parties? Luckily, the Range Rover Evoque is a little more manageable than the larger behemoth that bears the brand's name. The Evoque offers a spirited ride and is remarkably lightweight, contributing to good fuel economy and handling. The base price for this automotive beauty is $41,000. Available options include multi-tone leather, panoramic sunroof, and optional rear seat entertainment. New features for this year include off-road navigation guidance, park assist, and a new entry level trim. Sounds like the perfect gift for the holiday season…

Megan Stewart -- 2014 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS

2014 Chevrolet Camaro
I've been in the market for a new car, and with holiday deals going on at almost every dealership I drive past, it's hard not to pull in and do some test drives. I've narrowed down the top two features I want in my next car. It has to have a manual transmission and it has to be a convertible. For my reasonably priced holiday wish, I want a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS. I've looked at other convertibles, but none offer a manual transmission and a convertible model for under $50,000. The starting price for a convertible Camaro starts at just over $31,000, and when you jump up to the SS model, you're looking at $41,995 before destination and handling. I'd say that's a price I can get behind, especially considering the amount of performance you get for the money.