Hyundai, Kia Settle Consumer Lawsuits for Inflated MPG Ratings

By | December 26, 2013
Hyundai and Kia will pay an estimated $400 million to settle lawsuits related to inflated MPG ratings for certain 2011-2013 model year vehicles. As a result of the settlement, consumers with vehicles affected by the fuel economy error will have another option for reimbursement. Previously, the company announced a plan that automatically gave consumers a debit card to cover the additional fuel costs associated with lower fuel economy ratings, plus 15 percent interest. This deal requires consumers to visit a local dealership to verify the car’s mileage, which plaintiffs in the recent case said may deter participation in the reimbursement program. Thanks to the settlement, consumers can now instead opt for a one-time lump sum payment averaging $353 for Hyundai owners and $667 for Kia owners. There are other ways Hyundai and Kia owners can earn the money back. Other than these two options, buyers can also opt for a dealership credit of 150 percent of the lump sum cash payment or a credit of 200 percent of the cash amount on a purchase of a new Hyundai or Kia vehicle.
The inflated mpg settlement, expected for final court review early next year, will close a chapter that began back in 2012 and has since haunted Hyundai and Kia. The company blamed mistakes in internal testing and procedures for the inflated numbers. About 27 percent of 2011-2013 Hyundai vehicles were affected by the error, as well as 300,000 Kia cars. Many of the cars were only found to be 1-2 mpg lower than originally estimated, but some of the errors went up to a 6 mpg difference. Click here for more information on which vehicles are affected. Source: Hyundai, Kia
Geary Juan Johnson
Geary Juan Johnson

OBJECTING TO THE HYUNDAI-KIA PROPOSED fuel economy settlement. The proposed settlement has NOT been approved by the court yet and is set for hearing in March or April. You can object to the HYUNDAI - KIA class action proposed settlement. if you don’t like any part of it. You should give reasons why you think the court should not approve it. Mention In re Hyundai and Kia Fuel Economy Litigation No. MDL 13-2424-GW (C.D. Cal.). Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, signature, and if applicable Vehicle Vin number. Mail your letter to these three addresses: Clerk of the Court, United States District Court Central District of California, 255 East Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90012–3332; Robert B. Carey, Hagans Berman Sobel Shapiro LLP, 11 West Jefferson St., Suite 1000, Phoenix, AZ 85003, Michael L.  Kidney, Hogan  Lovells US LLP,  555 Thirteenth Street NW, Washington DC 20004. COURT DOCUMENTS CAN BE SEEN ON THE SITE PACER.GOV. Also see the site