Jaguar vs. Mercedes: Cats vs. Chickens

By | December 17, 2013
In the past, Mercedes-Benz has used dancing chickens to portray the automaker's Intelligent Drive feature. In these ads, the chicken's head remains in the same place while its body moves around it, which is supposed to show, in a humorous way, how the vehicles will be stable at all times. But a follow-up parody video by Jaguar takes it to the next level. The video impersonates the original Mercedes commercial, complete with actual researcher dancing with the chicken. After the dance, it's time for the Chicken to meet the Jaguar. Let's just say it doesn't go well for the chicken. To up the ante even further, Jaguar later produced a new commercial featuring cats in boxes. Jaguar's whole stance is about how its vehicles have cat-like reflexes for which they're named after. That and cats in boxes are hilarious. The takeaway from the new commercial is that cats in boxes are good, so a Jaguar in a box must be even better.
We've included both videos below so you can see firsthand the hilarity of the chicken up against the Jaguar, along with cats in boxes. Just try to stop laughing. Source: Jaguar via YouTube