Tesla Future Plans Revealed, Model X, Model E, More

By Matthew Askari | December 17, 2013
Tesla, maker of the 2014 Tesla Model S, has been busy at work developing future models to broaden its lineup and appeal. And now according to a new report, it appears the Tesla crossover, or "Model X," is almost ready.
In an interview with German Auto Bild, Tesla chief designer Franz von Holhausen said the California-based electric automaker is putting final touches, the "last aerodynamic subtleties" on the Model X crossover. The prototype was first unveiled to the press nearly two years ago, and development and the eventual launch were delayed to focus on the Model S, which has been off to a very strong start. When the Model X does finally hit showrooms, it will likely have a few production alterations. The prototype didn't have sideview mirrors—much like the Volkswagen XL1 we drove in Germany—but opted for rearward facing cameras mounted on the doors that projected an image on the Model X's 17-inch, hi-res touchscreen. We're especially curious to see if the Falcon-doors (similar to gull-wing doors) allow access to the second row and rear of the electric SUV. The Model X is a seven-seat vehicle, based on the architecture used on the Model S. Like the Model S, a choice of 60- or 85- kWh battery packs will be available, with the larger and pricier version offering a range of more than 250 miles.
Tesla's chief designer also said Tesla was hard at work on the third-generation mass-production vehicle, known as the Model E. The designer said that vehicle, when it arrives, will bring Tesla's mission to fruition, by offering a desirable EV for the masses. Holzhausen also suggested that the car wouldn’t just be a baby Model S and wouldn't have a "unit face like Audi." Many automakers such as Audi and BMW have looked for cohesion throughout the range, from entry-level models to the higher end, and have similar design cues such as a similar grille or headlights.
Source: Auto Bild